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*retired gentleman wanted ...
blackpool/lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
is there any retired gents over 65 on the fylde coast willing to smack my bare bottom, older the better and oaps very welcome. im a genuine naughty boy who loves going over grandads knee. grey hair and glasses a bonus, but not important. im free 24/7 and i can accomadate for lengthy sessions or i can visit you if you prefer. heres hoping for one reply to this advert, phone number on request, thanks stephen.
Date: November 28th 2021  

*Get up and get your gym kit on in 2 minutes laddie ...
South/south west/midlands/East Anglia or anywhere, can travel , 70 year :
To report to strict instructor, 60/70's age range for short sharp shock treatment and trained as an 18 year old. Kept in uniform with shorts to do work tasks or gym kit for cp and pt. Would like to report on regular basis if possible for weekend detention, would pay any costs incurred.
Fully vaccinated, clean, non smoker, drink little, glow with health, keen to report, vey shy, can supply any kit needed Sir, John.

Date: November 28th 2021  

*Spoiled lad seeks private Reformatory Instructor ...
London based, travel thoughout England & Wales, can travel , 58 year :
Spoiled and wilful lad, expelled from exclusive prep school, seeks corrective training at the home of experienced gentleman (or gentlemen) who understand(s) the true reason why Providence has provided a lad with a backside. Strict regime with effective, time honoured incentives and sanctions - haircuts, white underpants, supervised ablutions, physical and obedience training with full accountability - to set him on the proper path in life within the traditional male hierarchy.
Date: November 27th 2021  

*Headmaster/uncle/guardian ...
West London, can accommodate , 87 year :
Headmaster/uncle/guardian still providing bare-bottom discipline. 87, 5'10", 10-stone, slim, grey-haired and clean-shaven. Wide selection of implements. All limits respected without question. Situated about a mile from the London end of the M4 motorway. There is no upper age-limit for students/nephews/wards, although they must be in good health. However, there is an upper girth-limit of 36". (If you're wearing a 36" belt below a beer-gut, don't bother replying!) Sorry, no cross-dressers.
Date: November 27th 2021  

*Severe punishment with cane and strap ...
Northamptonshire, can accommodate , 67 year :
I’m looking to receive severe corporal punishment with cane and strap. I can accommodate in Northamptonshire or travel to London. I have a punishment bench to bend over, which exposes my crack and a heavy prison strap.
Date: November 26th 2021  

*Seeking Spanking fun on the IoW ...
Isle of Wight, can travel , 46 year :
Discrete, chubby guy seeks spanking fun. Preferably seeking old, but just a number, anyway. Open to suggestions for additional play.
Date: November 26th 2021  

*Naughty boy looking for fellow subs and their firm handed spanker! ...
Newcastle, can travel , 24 year :
Anyone nearby or far away around my age particularly! Would love to organise a play date being punished alongside at least 1 other sub but the more the merrier!
I also love being kept in chastity, shorts and other kinky fun! Look forward to hearing from you!

Date: November 26th 2021  

*Young reasonably experienced sub looking to expand my circle ...
North West England (Can travel), can travel , 25 year :
Hey there! I'm 5,11" 13st smooth from the chin down submissive looking for more people to chat and play with!
Particularly interested in multiple person sessions with other subs!
Will happily talk to anyone and everyone so please do get in touch!

Date: November 26th 2021  

*Naughty boy looking for a dominant daddy/master ...
Nottinghamshire, can accommodate and travel , 39 year :
Hi. 39 year old slim submissive male looking for a mature dominant master/daddy/teacher type person. I'm into most things, mostly belt spanking and humiliation. Love to dress up and be turned into a little bitch. Clean, shaved and tiny circumcised cock. Only genuine replies please
Date: November 26th 2021  

*Mature master required ...
hereford, can travel , 54 year :
I am looking for a mature master I have had some experience sir would be preferable gay and be a stern disciplinarian who enjoys being in charge and is competent in the use of cane, tawse, paddle,
I would be happy to do some domestic work for sir on a regular basis,
I would need some mentoring and some teaching of o skills.
I am happy to chat or message with sir.

Date: November 25th 2021  

*Male / Female Couple ...
Southampton, can accommodate , 40 year :
Male/female Couple in their forties seek hard bare bottom spanking OTK Post punishment sex optional
Date: November 25th 2021  

*Headmaster type deals with naughty boys ...
Cambridge, can accommodate , 82 year :
Very experienced teacher/dad/uncle type nearing end of CP shelf-life will still deal very firmly with bad boys including humiliation. You must be age 18-30 slim, smooth, ideally petite (so under 5'8"). Especially enjoy other ethnic so Asian/African etc. Happy to take time to ensure development of mutual trust. Messages from other than the above spec will be ignored. Must be able to travel to my study near Cambridge. Sir.
Date: November 23rd 2021  

*In need of spanking by Mature 60+. ...
Sheffield, can travel , 53 year :
Male 53 looking for a mature 60+ single or couple to spank me. I have had experience of hand, Paddle and hairbrush spankings.
I am now looking for someone to push my boundaries with other implements.
I also have a liking for naked cleaning so if you need any cleaning doing please contact me. I can travel only.

Date: November 21st 2021  

*Seeking a strict, mature Dom/Couple to submit to ...
West Midlands, can travel , 49 year :
I am seeking a strict, controlling Dominant person/persons, very flexible as to what you would enjoy.
I am slim, genuinely single, experienced, very compliant to instructions, and hoping for a strict disciplinarian to exercise control.
Very interested in chastity.
You will find me totally discreet, reliable, and trustworthy, only seeking to broaden on my experiences to date with the right people.
More than happy to discuss further.

Date: November 20th 2021  

*Never to old to Learn ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 69 year :
Sub guy looking for an assertive guy who can teach me the meaning of obedience.
You tell me to strip bend over and spank by bare ass with hand, belt, strap, tawse, slipper your choice, until my bum glows.
You may want to test my O levels.
All goes well, perhaps we can make it a regular visit.

Date: November 19th 2021  

*Make Me Cry ...
SE London/NW Kent, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
Experienced spankee, have had several 1-2-1's and have a high pain threshold. Love to be ordered to strip... be restrained and then spanked, slippered, paddled etc. Had a bad experience with a cane previously so don't like it but other than that anything goes. Looking for a local master, older the better! Love to suck cock and worship feet as well... have pics and references if interested.
Date: November 18th 2021  

*Domestic cleaning services ...
West Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
I am a male domestic cleaner who is interested in carrying out work for dominant men who will ensure that I am kept busy and my work up to scratch. I have experience in this field and also in being dealt with by a firm disciplinarian who will ensure that I am kept in line. I am willing to travel for clients and am prepared to accept punishments as payment for the work that I have carried out.
Date: November 18th 2021  

*Punish to tears ...
Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Looking to receive a severe punishment which will gradually bring me to tears. Have a high pain threshold and firm bottom which is looking forward to being taken in hand.
Date: November 18th 2021  

*Naughty boys/girls/TVs report to my study for punishment ...
Newbury, can accommodate , 62 year :
Maybe you need punishing for a real misdemeanor or just want to relive a past experience? You should report to my study, confess your crime and then bend over my desk for 6 of the best with my school cane. Sometimes it is necessary for you to take them on your bare bottom counting each stroke out loud. Severity can be calibrated according to your offence. Roleplay welcome
Available 28 Nov for a week to deal with sinners
Newbury/Wantage area

Date: November 16th 2021  

*Mature male looking for occasional meetings with a more dominant man. ...
North West England, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
I am a mature male with a little experience who is looking to meet a more dominant male who would enjoy humiliating as well as punishing me and maybe taking me to bed afterwards.
I am sane, sensible, very discreet and reliable.
Age as long as not too young, looks and body shape are not important if we are compatible in other ways.
I can travel, accommodate or meet you somewhere neutral like a hotel room.
Bi sexual or a married man prefered.
A first timer would also be good.

Date: November 16th 2021  

*Traditional C P ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 79 year :
I can offer many years experience in giving otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I also use a variety of canes to administer six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also offer an enema service suitable for both novice and experiences alike.
Date: November 15th 2021  

*Slippering required please with slipper/plimsoll ...
Caerphilly, can travel , 55 year :
You don’t need a reason to slipper me – just a slipper and a bad attitude! You can’t wait to tap it against my nervous bottom as you line it up, take aim and bring it crashing down hard, over and over again. You will also want to give me a good belting and possibly the cane as well, just to relieve the stresses of the day.
No sex, average build, travel only within a 20 mile radius of Caerphilly.

Date: November 14th 2021  

*Scholastic Six of the Best Requested ...
North West England, can travel , 59 year :
Six strokes only, but all hard and with any of the following instruments at your preference: Cane (whippy scholastic not judicial); Tawse; Birch; Strap; Belt; Carpet Slipper; Plimsoll. You decide the proportion on trousers, underpants, bare bottom.
I am reasonably slim, have smooth very white bubble bottom, 5 ft 8 inches tall, 10 stone 12 pounds, clean-shaven, full head of hair.
Totally reliable and discreet but cannot accommodate.

Date: November 14th 2021  

*Tall Smooth Senior seeks Cane and CBT ...
Leeds, can travel , 70 year :
Smooth Tall Senior guy in West Yorkshire, can take a lot of hard cane, as well as Crop, Birch, Martinet, Flogger, strap and hand, plus many other things (probably). Bottom is best for me, but back, thighs, balls, cock, arsehole have been 'treated'. If you have imagination and are adventurous, but SANE and SAFE we could get on. I am NOT a naughty boy, but I quite like 'discipline' as part of the session, as well as chats and tea. I can drive to you, but I cannot accommodate.
Date: November 14th 2021  

*Pe plimsoll slippering, gym master or pupil ...
Kidderminster, can accommodate , 69 year :
I'm a plimsoll crazy guy who just adores old school plimsolls. Relive the alternative use of an old worn plimsoll from your school days. Whether you're the master or pupil plimsolls bring back a lot of memories of the slipper. Jimsolls, eurimcos, dunlop tenbys etc, all classic school punishment implements
Date: November 14th 2021  

*Ill disciplined boy ...
Manchester, can travel , 52 year :
Left to my own devices I've been slacking recently - putting things off, procrastination, slow to do chores.
So am looking for a strict man to monitor me, with regular reporting and reviews etc. Initially by email and happy for that to continue. But if distance permits there would also be assessments in person, with appropriate discipline to my behind when merited.

Date: November 13th 2021  

*Seeking Older Spankers ...
South East - anywhere, can travel , 75 year :
This will appeal only to older men who enjoy, and get a sexual thrill, from spanking, and enjoy the naked company of another older man. I am keen to get to know someone my own age or older who enjoys taking control and administering imaginative spankings as part of his sexual repertoire. I am also interested in discussing the subject with such a man via email, if we live to far apart for frequent visits.
Date: November 12th 2021  

*47 solvent genuine looking for older spanker 65+ for regular meets ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
Genuine spankee seeking much older gay guy for regular spankings. Can accommodate in very discreet apt. Looking for a horny older gay spanker for mutual fun and would consider an older live in guy who wants the same. Please respect age limit and gay only. May suit a much older man who wants a new start
Date: November 11th 2021  

*Young boy seeking a strict upbringing ...
Bath and everywherre, can travel , 20 year :
Young boy, 20 5'7 "62 kg, smooth, looking for a very traditional father/uncle/mentor. Scout or former leader, military, very religious person appreciated. I wish to learn to obey, discipline, submission to authority with physical and mental taking in hand. Spankings, chastity, medical examination, strict supervision with compulsory clothes and haircuts ... I have no experience.
Date: November 11th 2021  

*Naughty boy in North East Uk is looking for a Spanking ...
North East UK, can travel , 40 year :
Are you a strict headmaster or housemaster or dad looking to discipline a naughty boy how you see fit . Over 70 is preferred.
Date: November 11th 2021  

*Strict Disciplinarian Requested ...
Woking, can travel , 49 year :
I am looking for a retired gentleman to provide sound CP using the slipper and leather implements to authentic level. Available to visit during week, I am slim, well mannered and happy to make a generous contribution for your time. Regards, John
Date: November 11th 2021  

*Oral and rimming training ...
Manchester, can travel , 53 year :
I require a strict Headmaster or Headmistress who will cane my bottom hard until i have passed my oral and rimming exams.
Date: November 11th 2021  

*Strict disciplinarian ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 60 year :
Available to administer spankings across my knee. Looking to discipline those who had a strict upbringing at home and/or school. Also, anyone who was kept in short pants well into their teens. Genuine and discreet.
Date: November 10th 2021  

*Tom Browne/Flashman seeking Dr Arnold figure ...
North, can travel , 55 year :
Seeking Master with mutual interest ,
Fully attired in uniform of Tom Browne / Flashman ( breeches etc) generation looking for Dr Arnold figure with vigour to replicate those golden days.
( Distance no problem to report to correct Master)

Date: November 10th 2021  

*Students 18+ who need Discipline. ...
Leicester/Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 61 year :
Hello, Would you like a spanking by Hand, slipper or strap like your mother used to give you. I will give you a spanking that you won,t forget. Come and visit me or I can visit you. Regards Peter.
Date: November 9th 2021  

*portsmouth thighhigh sox wearing bottom ...
portsmouth, can travel , 45 year :
bottom ,seeks a good walloping from top/tops. the older the better.roleplay, anything considered. can't accom. will travel within portsmouth on sunday mornings. can send pics to serious players. no time wasters or piccy collectors please.
Date: November 9th 2021  

*Strict father figure needed ...
Glasgow, can travel , 49 year :
In need of a strict father figure to pull me over his knee and give me the spanking I deserve. Also can use other positions such as over bed, desk, chair etc. You must be discreet and able to accommodate. If we get along this could be regular. I can do as I switch if required
Date: November 8th 2021  

*Irish boy needs a sore bottom! ...
Northern Ireland, can travel , 39 year :
Hello Sirs, 39yrold northern Irish boy size 32 waist.
I am seeking seeking a mature experienced disciplinarian preferably 65+ to administer good old fashioned CP. I have experience of otk spanking, slipper, strap and cane over shorts, briefs and bare bottom. I enjoy playing the role of school boy or will consider any other role Sir might like as long as it invollves getting a very sore bottom

Date: November 7th 2021  

*teach me my times tables with a slipper ...
Brighouse, can travel , 51 year :
I am due to start a new job in December as a stock counter .
But I need to improve my times tables
I am looking for someone who is willing to put all the answers to the times tables (1 x 2 = 2 up to 12 x 12 = 144 ) across my bare backside with a plimsoll several times
It has to be done in front of my wife

Date: November 6th 2021  

*Searching for a very strict headmaster ...
Northamton, can travel , 59 year :
A very naughty ASB who deserves to visit your study for hard school caning.
Date: November 6th 2021  

*A good hard spanking ...
Manchester, can travel , 50 year :
Fit guy 50 needs a good hard bare bottom spanking
Need a strict man to punish and spank me
Please email if you can spank me please

Date: November 5th 2021  

*Long overdue thrashing required ...
Weald of Kent, can travel , 56 year :
It seems to be increasingly difficult to get spanked these days. I am becoming more relaxed about the type and severity of spanking I recieve. Even a light OTK spanking would leave me feeling grateful but a no nonsense, severe caning or belting would bring thankful tears to my eyes. Cocksucking and arselicking freely available if required. Complete obedience to the spankers wishes observed. Reciprical spankings fully possible
Date: November 5th 2021  

*Seeking strict local Master / Top who can accommodate ...
Swindon, Wiltshire, South Oxfordshire, Oxford, can travel , 62 year :
I'm looking for a strict but friendly gentleman mentor to "cane off" my real or imaginary faults. Let my welcoming, responsive and resilient bottom entertain you, including sexually if Sir so wishes. Use straps, plimsolls, riding crops or canes on me. Some humiliation is likely. Role play welcome, but not essential. Punishment to be at Sir's place or a London spanking club. Regular meets, one-offs, club and sauna visits.
Date: November 2nd 2021  

*Traditional Dad/Son OTK bare bottom spankings for naughty boys. ...
Greenhithe/ Dartford Kent, can accommodate , 61 year :
Boys do you need discipline back in your life do you need a strict step dad/uncle to give you a very embarrassing over my knee bare bottom spanking. Boys 17 to 50s slim to medium build especially you lads never spanked on the bare bum before or had the humiliation of a older guy pull down your pants everything on show then turned over my knee feeling my hand resting on your bare bum cheeks as i spank you. hand/slipper. I give spankings not beatings.

Date: November 2nd 2021  

*Highland Gentleman sought to administer traditional cp ...
Inverness / Highlands / Caithness, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
Older gentleman (sexuality unimportant) sought for traditional cp to correct my wrongdoings and derive closure via confession and submission to the cane, strap, slipper etc, bare or over clothing. I’m a professional, genuine and very discreet 50s male with 10 years experience of Sirs in England who I sadly don’t see now. Hoping for a sane, caring authority figure who knows how some men (young and old) benefit from a timely telling-off and soundly striped and sore backside. Sex not sought.
Date: November 1st 2021  

*Headmaster ...
South Coast, can travel , 40 year :
1960's schoolboy Looking to visit an authentic Headmaster who can put the fear of god into me prior to applying his cane to my bottom. The command touch your toes boy, certainly does turn me into a trembling schoolboy. Study would be a bonus. As would be an ex-Headmaster. Yours respectfully.
Date: November 1st 2021  

*Nude House Boy 4 Older Gent ...
West London, can travel , 46 year :
Attractive, slim, smooth lad with a very spankable bottom, young for my age, available as a Nude House Boy and Spankee to an older Gentleman in the West Lon area. Have a fair amount of experience and ideally looking for someone upwards of 70. Can take most forms of CP, happy with inspections, fondling, corner time etc Older Gay couples also welcome, happy to do a trial day to start
Date: November 1st 2021  

*Relocating to derbyshire ...
Derbyshire, can accommodate , 65 year :
I may be a bit ahead of the game here but I am relocating to the derbyshire dales in the new year and hoping to find new spanking contacts.
I am an enthusiastic giver of slipper, strap, cane etc and might be tempted to take a spanking myself from time to time.
I will be able to accommodate and happy to travel a reasonable distance.
If you would like to establish contact in anticipation of a meeting early next year do say hello.

Date: November 1st 2021  

*Gym master seeks naughty lads ...
Surrey, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
Fit gym master dresses in traditional School gym wear seek lads who dress the same. who will report and confess why they need to attend to be punished by the plimsoll and cane over gym shorts and bare.
Please be explicit why you need to be dealt with or no reply.

Date: October 31st 2021  

*Strict Uncle Spanks ...
Cumbria/North West, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I have many years' experience of dealing with naughty boys and girls of all ages, so know exactly what it takes to correct bad behaviour and improve attitudes. Tell me about any lapses that you feel guilty about and I will decide what needs to be done. It will probably mean a trip across my knee for a hard, no-nonsense bare bottom spanking, although more serious misdemeanours will mean the cane. Regular mentoring/guidance available if required. No sex, just strict discipline.
Date: October 30th 2021  

*Seeking person of like mind ...
Cheshire WA4, can travel , 70 year :
I am seeking someone within 10 miles or so of my postcode with a common interest in traditional CP for mutual sessions, and maybe a little bit more. I am sane, safe, discrete and reliable. I cannot accommodate but can travel, all limits respected and experienced with hand, cane, strap and birch.
Date: October 29th 2021  

*Thrash me Sir ...
London/Surrey, can travel , 46 year :
Obedient male. I weigh 60 kilos. I am looking for a Experienced Male Spanker over 60 who will thrash and punish me. I'm not looking for anything severe but I will take most Implements. I will be stripped naked during my punishment.
I listen to instructions and I love the thrill and Anticipation of what's to come next.
I particularly enjoy Embarrassing and Humiliating situations and quite happy to be made to kneel and Beg
I'm Looking for a Master to Test my pain Threshold and push my limits

Date: October 29th 2021  

*Tawse strapper ...
Tyneside, North East, can travel , 55 year :
Looking for anybody in reasonable shape to give out a proper strapping, with a real Lochgelly leather tawse. Must be able to accommodate and prepared to be beaten to a bawling, crying mess. No blood, just old fashioned hard discipline, the type meted out, back in the old days. Ok with safe word, but don’t waste my time, if your a newbie, to punishment.
Date: October 28th 2021  

*Authentic slippering ...
Dorset, can travel , 61 year :
I’m seeking a proper authentic slippering as it was
done at school. I like it done over pe shorts
or black trousers. I have plimsols and I’m happy to
switch if you want. Can only travel.

Date: October 28th 2021  

*Slipperings for Adult Schoolboys ...
Norfolk, can travel , 70 year :
Slim, former private school head prefect administers traditional ,formal discipline with spankings and his supple plimsoll. Offenders must be in full uniform and slim built. Detailed replies please. Discretion assured.
Date: October 27th 2021  

*Pantie wearer needs spanking ...
Cambridgeshire /norfolk, can travel , 48 year :
Non convincing bi sub 48, med to large build, shaved legs, bum etc, i like to wear panties/knickers, suspenders stockings, etc, adult schoolgirl slut uniform etc, i seek strict older gents 50+, or 2 or more sirs to etc, to give me long hard otk spankings, paddle strap, cane, groping/humiliation, i like roleplay, i will suck cock if required during my punishment, feel free to msg me, 100% gen, punish this naughty slut sir, i travel only
Date: October 27th 2021  

*Any masculine administrators in Scotland like doing it *HARD* ...
Glasgow + reasonable travel : 1 hour / 60 miles, can travel , 53 year :
**Absolute discretion** assured whether it works out or not.
Welted/bruised hard & prolonged brutal leathering & caning required weekend afternoons @yours. Regular if we gel. Clothed Male (you) Naked Male (me).
Am very experienced & prefer you to be. 40+ preferred. No upper age limit if you up to the challenge. I have good implements. Option to finish me off with forced milking.
**Your place**. Glasgow + 60ish miles. Prefer 1st pre-meet neutral territory to discuss

Date: October 26th 2021  

*retired proffesional sought ...
blackpool/north west, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
is there any retired gents/oaps on the fylde coast who can visit me at my place hopefully on a regular basis to administer a sound over the knee spanking, older the better. retired clergy/police or magistrates to the front of the que. my flat is very private for lengthy sessions. heres hoping i might get my first reply off this site. photo and contact number on request, thanks stephen.
Date: October 26th 2021  

*Looking for top to punish me in cp club ...
London, can travel , 48 year :
Hey. Bi, married guy, late 40s into taking all forms of cp and punishment. Looking for a dominant, no-nonsense, top to deal with me either Saturday or Sunday afternoon at Boys and Sirs (Saturday afternoon) or Detention. (Sunday afternoon) at The Bunker. I am uninhibited and get turned on by being forced to strip in the bar then been punished, spanked, tortured and used in front of everyone.
Date: October 25th 2021  

*Seeking traditional punishment ...
Blackburn, North West., can travel , 67 year :
I'm looking for a headmaster or schoolmaster to administer traditional punishment with hand, strap, and cane on my bare bottom.
Happy for CMNM.

Date: October 25th 2021  

*Spanking required from strict uncle ...
Glasgow, can travel , 52 year :
Good morning. I'm seeking a strict uncle for regular domestic discipline. I'm well mannered, clean and obedient. 5'9" and 78kg. Thank you.
Date: October 25th 2021  

*Sub slim 56, need to be ordered to strip naked ...
Peterborough, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
Perhaps a lot to intelligent for my own good. Yes submissive perhaps need to be made to be even more submissive. Know that means the cane cbt. Will dress as told if you want me in school boy white pants or ladies panties.
Date: October 24th 2021  

*Genuine Good Hiding required ...
Hull, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
I am paul 60 from yorks area looking to relive my teen years in the early 1970s Would expect to do and wear what I am told Happy to answer all questions honestly I can host or happy to travel as instructed

Date: October 23rd 2021  

*Wolverhampton spankees sought ...
Wolverhampton, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
I’m looking for local, younger, slim/skinny spankees.
Newbies are welcome and will be treated with care.
CD, TV, Sissy, ABDL etc friendly.
I have lots of experience and happy to role play if required.

Date: October 22nd 2021  

*Traditional Punishment Administered by Former Headmaster ...
London - West, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
I administer the cane and genuine old Scottish tawse strap to males of all legal ages at the level of severity you require. No role play necessary. Nothing else expected, just the opportunity to exercise my thrashing skills and assist you on your disciplinary journey. I also switch, if you wish to take revenge. I am in TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow, sane, educated, personable and very discreet.
Date: October 21st 2021  

*Authentic Adult Schoolboy in tight grey shorts ...
N.Ireland/Ireland, can accommodate and travel , 39 year :
Fit young looking 39 year old with 32 waist and several school uniforms looking for an authentic headmaster figure for all types of scholastic corporal punishment. Also have PE kit and pyjamas. Have experience with Cane, slipper, belt, tawse, strap and wooden spoon.
Date: October 20th 2021  

*Fat man needs spanking ...
London/ essex, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Fat man 62 is in need 9f spanking... paternal or school type preferred.
Ideally you will be older than me certainly no younger than 50.
Open to male female tv other and couples.
I've had all my jabs.

Date: October 20th 2021  

*School cp roleplay ...
Perthshire, can travel , 59 year :
Late fifties male looking to meet an old fashioned headmaster who knows how to use a cane to good effect !
I dress for cp , either gender.
Happy to meet CD/Tv.
I also switch and am accurate with the cane and tawse.
I can't accommodate unfortunately .

Date: October 20th 2021  

*hi ...
Caerphilly Cardiff, can travel , 46 year :
Hi living in Caerphilly can travel but I can only travel 5 mil married looking for a spanker to spank my ass i’m new beginner red hand spanking only without scratch and bruises progress I will show after training what to do next
Date: October 18th 2021  

*Seeking punishment ...
Ringwood, can travel , 50 year :
Im seeking a master to administer punishment whether by way of hand, tawse or cane. I love sportswear but also sissy fem school wear.
Extra points if you can make me cry.
Can travel 40 miles of Ringwood.

Date: October 18th 2021  

*Looking for non-sexual spanking encounters with tall guys 40-50 ...
London or Manchester, can travel , 57 year :
Looking for guys who enjoy the thrill of a deserved beating in safe environment from experienced sensible spanker. Happy to visit your hotel and redden your butt and then leave you alone for the evening. Just a straightforward spank and go.
No fees either way.

Date: October 17th 2021  

*Seeking realistic, painful punishment ...
Reading, can travel , 52 year :
Looking for someone 55+ to provide hard, painful punishment with cane, tawse, belt, slipper or birch. Will travel up to around 30 miles radius for such a thrashing! I’m tall, decent build, 52 years old. Happy with roleplay or not; your decision!
Date: October 16th 2021  

*Young man requires caning ...
London, can travel , 22 year :
Although young I am interested in receiving a good caning on my bare bottom. Limited experience but looking to extend my pain threshold. Please send your thoughts.
Date: October 16th 2021  

*Prep School Punishment ...
North East, can travel , 50 year :
Role play prep school boy seeks strict Headmaster or father for old fashioned bare bottomed hidings. Accurate, hard but sensible caners particularly effective!
Date: October 16th 2021  

*Seeking strict OAP who likes to spank. ...
Beckenham, can travel , 56 year :
Very submissive 56 year old would like to hear from and visit a strict OAP, in Beckenham or the local area.
Who would enjoy making me strip naked and giving me a long hard spanking with corne time.

Date: October 15th 2021  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 79 year :
I offer many years experience of otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I use a variety of canes to administer six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also offer a full enema service for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: October 14th 2021  

*Dare you to spank me ...
Manchester, can accommodate , 40 year :
Hi I am 65ys old so I don't expect to find anybody who would be willing to spank my firm round bare bottom on a regular basis if anybody age unimportant does reply to my tex I would be so gratefuli can travel or accommodate in Manchester
Date: October 14th 2021  

*Fit bottomed lad needs to report to the headmasters study for the cane ...
Brighton / London / South East, can accommodate and travel , 41 year :
I’m a fit lad with a whackable bum looking for very strict mature 60+ headmasters to report to. I will bend at your command and take as many heavy strokes with the cane as you see fit. I prefer to visit your study.
Date: October 14th 2021  

*Fetch the belt lad ...
Newcastle, can accommodate , 55 year :
You’ve been found out again!
You’ve been warned !
You know what’s next lad !
Upstairs NOW!
Make sure you collect the belt on the way
You know where it is
I can accom 29/31 October In Newcastle
Naughty lads who need my attention please message

Date: October 14th 2021  

*Always looking for a spanking ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
55 year old guy who has been into spanking most of my life. Looking to meetup with like minded people, who enjoy the fine art of making a bottom nice and red. Can accommodate and i travel to most parts of the country for my work, so can meet people who are not local. Why not drop me a line and we can take this further
Date: October 13th 2021  

*Big brother's belt ...
South London / Surrey, can travel , 63 year :
Young 63, straight, experienced. In the early 70's my older brother would order me over a stool and belt me on trousers and bare - perfectly acceptable back then! I still have the belt he used and still like getting it; any older gents able to oblige? Sorry, cannot accommodate.
Date: October 13th 2021  

*Older spankee for younger spanker or switch ...
Bishops Stortford,Harlow area, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
spanker required or switch 
Herts/Essex can accommodate or travel,
Mature fully vaccinated Spanker/spankee/switch. Give or take. Enjoy the humiliation of being naked and spanked till red, and warm no marks or bruising but plenty of sensuous soothing. A younger guys sensual hands on my bum sends me wild. Or I hand spank to your liking. Have a few implements if required. I do not cane. Can accommodate in Bishop's Stortford CM23 or travel locally. No fees, but hygiene trust and discretion at all times.

Date: October 12th 2021  

*Older spankee for younger spanker or switch ...
Bishops Stortford,Harlow area, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
spanker required or switch 
Herts/Essex can accommodate or travel,
Mature fully vaccinated Spanker/spankee/switch. Give or take. Enjoy the humiliation of being naked and spanked till red, and warm no marks or bruising but plenty of sensuous soothing. A younger guys sensual hands on my bum sends me wild. Or I hand spank to your liking. Have a few i mplements if required. I do not cane. Can accommodate in Bishop's Stortford CM23 or travel locally. No fees, but hygiene trust and discretion at all times.

Date: October 12th 2021  

*English lad visiting Edinburgh Monday 18th Oct ...
Edinburgh, can travel , 33 year :
Cheeky English lad visiting Edinburgh Oct 18th looking to get a good spanking with an experienced spanker! You should be over 60, experienced and able to host! I enjoy all forms of spanking, hard hand spankings are my favourite but also happy with implements! Enjoy dress up and roleplay! Sports kit, jocks, PJ’s etc etc! Please only contact me if you meet the above criteria
Date: October 11th 2021  

*Oh please Sir, not the cane! ...
London and the South East, can travel , 60 year :
Large bottom needs discipline. I am not a masochist but sometimes need to report to the headmaster's study for my faults to be addressed, ultimately by being bent over the desk and caned across my bare bottom with a traditional, crook handled school cane.
Date: October 11th 2021  

*School plimsoll slippering both ways ...
Worcestershire, can accommodate , 72 year :
Hi. I'm looking for guys who share my interest in school plimsolls and slippering. I can play the part of your school pe master or the naughty school boy. Not into the cane but I know that a nice flexible plimsoll can deliver a nice sting and a burning bottom. I can accommodate. If you would just like to chat about your school days and your slippering experiences that's fine. I just love plimsolls
Date: October 11th 2021  

*Looking for older spankers who like to spank/belt/cane and birch ...
London, South East and Midlands, can travel , 53 year :
Any spankers out there who want to dish out a good hiding? Can be any level from fun to fierce, and VERY hard with the right guy! but needs to include some stroking and rubbing too! Your place only, me; 53 hairyish, 5'4" 14st grey hair and beard. If there is anything else you like doing, just ask! Love to spend the time before we meet planning and discussing what comes next.
Date: October 10th 2021  

*Good Boy Seeks Good Spanking ...
Chesterfield, can travel , 33 year :
I want to be your good boy. I also love going over the knee for a spanking. I want to learn to please Daddy or obey a strict Uncle. I'm also open to houseboy training. I've found that I don't enjoy the pain itself but I still willingly bend over for harder punishment.
You must be able to host in the North or Midlands of England.

Date: October 9th 2021  

*My study now boy. ...
Cambridgeshire, can accommodate , 83 year :
83 year old experienced headmaster/uncle/stepdad type will deal with young slim, ideally petite naughty lads aged 18 - 30 in his nice study near Cambridge. Other ethnic especially Asian and African welcomed. If you do not fit this spec do not send a message, it will be deleted. I know what works for me and what does not. Sir.
Date: October 9th 2021  

*I need a good belting/caning, probably both ...
Hawkhurst, Kent, can travel , 57 year :
I don't get spanked as much as I used to a couple of years ago! Can you help? I can also give a good spanking, within requirements.
I am really just a spanking junky!

Date: October 7th 2021  

*to report for training as cadet/recruit ...
south/sw/east anglia/all areas considered, can travel , 70 year :
Keen to meet strict military instructor 65/70s age range to be trained as cadet. Compulsury uniform to be worn with white socks, garters, highly polished boots with short shorts for day wear and pt. Inspections, cleaning, polishing, square bashing if possible, gym shorts on for cp for poor turnouts and sloppy work. Detention homework to enforce discipline if possible. Would like to attend on a regular basis if possible. Clean, non-smoker, non drinker. Please send orders Sir.
Date: October 7th 2021  

*Sexy Spankee ...
South East, can travel , 75 year :
If you are around my age or even older, and you enjoy spanking a sexy bottom, I could be your man. My preference is to be spanked naked as part of a wider sexual scenario. Happy to indulge your fetishes and fantasies to ensure we both enjoy a satisfying experience.
Date: October 7th 2021  

*Naughty OAP looking to be spanked ...
Northamptonshire / Bedfordshire, can travel , 74 year :
Hi I am a 74 year old single overweight pensioner who received spankings before the lockdowns and is now looking to start having his naughty bare bottom spanked again. OTK by hand or slipper or bent over for the strap or cane. I can wear panties if required but cannot accommodate.
Date: October 6th 2021  

*Spankee 45 seeking older spanker ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
Genuine straight acting gay guy seeking an older experienced spanker for regular meets
Date: October 4th 2021  

*51 and back in uniform ...
Birmingham, can accommodate , 51 year :
Getting the slipper at school was more of a treat for me than a punishment. I'm a very slim 51yo (going on 13) who hasn't had the slipper across the seat of his black school trousers for a while or a good smacked bottom like I had at home. I do enjoy wearing full school uniform with smart shoes and would maybe like mutual hand relief too. Would be nice to find an expert slipperer for, hopefully, regular meets. Thanks for reading.
Date: October 4th 2021