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*Traditional Discipline For Disobedient Adult 6th Formers ...
Norfolk, can travel , 72 year :
Slim guy ,private school educated offers ritualistic formal discipline sessions to offenders. Report wearing uniform, preferably with tight black school trousers. OTK spankings and hard slipperings with my supple plimsoll will teach you discipline. Frank replies please with your age ,waist size, along with details of your experience and limits.
Date: July 5th 2022  

*Caning ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can travel , 29 year :
Too young to have received the cane at school, but I have always wondered what the experience was like. Looking for someone who can help me experience what it was like to be summoned to the Headmaster's office for the cane.
Date: July 4th 2022  

*Seeking training in being brought to heel by experienced, firm master ...
Birmingham but willing to travel, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
I'm a mid 50s submissive who is seeking to be controlled, disciplined and made to be obedient by a mature master, who will take total control of me, and will punish me on a regular basis, using me in any way that they see fit. I am willing to travel to be dealt with, or can accommodate, and am hoping to be put under a regime of total discipline.
Date: July 3rd 2022  

*Boy for punishing ...
North East, can travel , 50 year :
This role play boy (play a boy of around 11 to 13) deserves a painful attitude adjustment. Headmaster / prep school boy. Dad / son. Bare bottom and all the implements, but especially the cane. I am experienced and can take a pretty hard hiding.
Date: July 2nd 2022  

*Back in uniform ...
Birmingham, can accommodate , 52 year :
Very slim 52yr old (going on 13) school uniform wearer here, only I haven't had a good smacked bottom or a firm dose of the slipper across my black school trousers in quite a while. Happy to administer as well, with someone similarly dressed, or to be dealt with by a traditionally minded gent. Would also enjoy mutual hand relief in uniform afterwards and if you also shared an interest in mens smart leather shoes or trainers it would be a bonus too.
Date: July 2nd 2022  

*Author on Connection of Discipling craving taking /giving. Also school Bullies. ...
The World, can accommodate , 48 year :
Academic researching, seeking those with experience.
I would like to hear from those affected by being caned etc when younger. Also, those you feel cane should be re - introduce in schools/ and those against cp for boys.
Study is focused on Boy bullies and those who were victims of bullying. All reserch will be confidential and not published without permission.
Also, need to contact catholic Priest again strictly in confidence.

Date: July 2nd 2022  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 80 year :
I can offer many years experience in giving otk spanking, strapping and slippering with underpants down. I use a variety of canes for giving six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I can also offer a complete enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: July 1st 2022  

*new visiting spanker wanted ...
blackpool/lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
is there any retired gentleman over 65 on the fylde coast willing to visit me at my place to administer a sound otk spanking, older the better. retired clergy/police or magistrates to the front of the que. but any retired gent/oap is welcome. roleplay/fondling is your choice, im happy just being spanked so straight/married guys welcome im very discreet. im free anytime and i can accomadate in private, thanks stephen. ps photo available.
Date: July 1st 2022  

*Traditional corporal punishment administered by former headmaster ...
London - West, can accommodate , 68 year :
Former headmaster administers caning and/or tawsing at senior schoolboy levels of severity. All ages and degrees of experience welcome. Can host most days and times in TW7 between Richmond and Hounslow in West London. Very experienced, accurate, discreet. Also ready to take punishment myself but this is not necessary.
Date: July 1st 2022  

*Seeks moderate discipline /Restraint ...
Fartown Huddersfield, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
Friendly & easy going 65yo guy, seeks over knee and other discipline scenarios. Hand & other implements accepted, also keen to explore boundaries. Only seeking same age or ideally senior/very senior. Sexual contact fine if desired.
Date: June 30th 2022  

*Moved back to the area and excited to see who's about! ...
North East but travel faaaarrr, can travel , 24 year :
I'm a good looking sub leaning switch! Looking for fun play mates for spanking fun, also Shibari and chastity are high on my list of favourites! Spanked and locked is my happy place but also fun to give it to others and hold the keys! Get in touch if you're fun!
Anyone around the world who is interested do get in touch as well cos I travel a lot!

Date: June 29th 2022  

*Plimsoll fetishists and school slippering lovers ...
Worcestershire, can accommodate , 70 year :
I'm a 70 year old guy with a fetish for old traditional school plimsolls and keen on giving and taking a slippering like I received at school. I'm also very experienced in giving a slippering over school shorts or to boys who want to be girls in navy knickers
Date: June 29th 2022  

*Big plump man needs punishment ...
Essex, can accommodate , 60 year :
Big plump man, soft bottom, needs regular punishment. Mature spanker preferred and any gender is fine. I would welcome parental type of spanking or school type.
What would you enjoy? Can be generous if needed

Date: June 28th 2022  

*Desperate domestic looking for local work ...
Stafford, can travel , 47 year :
Desperate out of work spankee domestic looking for local work. Hardworking & willing to accept well below minimum wage for housework & garden duties. Will carry out duties dressed as you want or even naked. Spanking/punishments expected for poor work/tardiness. I don't drive, so ideally in the Stafford area. Contact me for more details.
Date: June 28th 2022  

*Traditional schoolboy needs prefect/ headmaster ...
Walsall, can travel , 37 year :
Traditional schoolboy in West Midlands.
Fit and muscular.
Looking for 1950s headmaster or prefect, have a special interest in lederhose.

Date: June 27th 2022  

*Old fashioned Corporal Punishment ...
Perthshire/Angus/Fire., can travel , 58 year :
Personable late fifties man into Cp sessions with like minded enthusiasts. I predominantly sub but I am very happy to switch.
I love school scene and would ideally like to meet a stern Headmaster who is able to use the cane as its meant to be used ! Marks expected and encouraged.
Happy to show my appreciation if chemistry there.
I travel only and am available weekdays in the daytime.
Thanks Guy.

Date: June 27th 2022  

*Seeking well endowed headmaster ...
Luton, can travel , 60 year :
Hi 60 years young Married bi guy looking for a well endowed headmaster I'm 5.4 tall 32 waist small spankable bottom willing to give oral between strokes and hope sir would fondle me at the same time can't accommodate but willing to travel a 50 mile radius of Luton
Date: June 27th 2022  

*Stepfather Seeking errand son to discipline when required ...
Glasgow/Scotland/United Kingdom, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Experienced disciplinarian seek wayward lad (age unimportant, attitude is) for ongoing instillment of tradition discipline as and when required. Strict, safe and sane. Manners taught attitudes sorted bottoms reddened. Otk, hand strap cane flogger and birching. Long uninterrupted corner times. Domestic servitude required. Overnights possible where you will be regressed if needed. Genuine only please no time wasters. “one line” deleted immediately unread.
Date: June 26th 2022  

*Over Your Knee ...
Chesterfield, can travel , 33 year :
I've got some experience getting spanked. Recently, it's mainly been bending over to count strokes. Right now, I'm in the mood for a good, long session over another man's knee. Can you make me feel like a very sorry little boy while I'm over your lap? I want my bum to be red and sore - and then be sent to the corner!
You must be able to host in the north or midlands of England.

Date: June 26th 2022  

*Genuine and reliable sub available ...
Bristol, M5/M4., can travel , 41 year :
Genuine, slim Bristol sub, seek sessions with housemasters, school doctors and prefects. Looking for uniformed school and domestic cp scenarios including corner time, mouth soapings, embarrassment, medicals and O level tuition. Smooth spankable bottom. Naked cleaning and other services available. Will pose for Sir’s camera too. Gentlemen 50+ only please.
Date: June 26th 2022  

*Strict Mentor Required ...
Glasgow, can accommodate , 49 year :
Looking for a strict father / UncleType to give the spankings I deserve via hand, strap, paddle , tawse etc. This will probably be a regular occurrence. Maybe someone who can get my weight down with exercises etc and when I am not pushing myself hard enough I get disciplined for it and also Disciplined for other things I do / don’t do as well. I am overweight shaved hair and reliable but discreet.
Date: June 26th 2022  

*Strict Mentor Required ...
Glasgow, can accommodate , 49 year :
Looking for a strict father / UncleType to give the spankings I deserve via hand, strap, paddle , tawse etc. This will probably be a regular occurrence. Maybe someone who can get my weight down with exercises etc and when I am not pushing myself hard enough I get disciplined for it and also Disciplined for other things I do / don’t do as well. I am overweight shaved hair and reliable but discreet.
Date: June 26th 2022  

*In need of punishment ...
Greater Manchester, can travel , 50 year :
Anybody interested in punishing a slim naughty boy in his 50s?
Looking for a nice red bottom and more.
Can travel only, looking forward to hearing from you.
Any questions will be answered honestly.

Date: June 25th 2022  

*We'll continue your punishment in my private study, boy ...
East Anglia, can travel , 52 year :
I wish to capture the scary, stinging and thrilling experience at the hands of a housemaster at my boarding school. I like to report in my pyjamas and be gradually stripped between spankings ending up naked. For me, its about surrendering control to an older man and exploitation and resulting humiliation, together with the embarrassment of enjoying the exposure and illicit attention. This is psychological and sensual not brutal. If you want something heavy I'm not the boy for you.
Date: June 24th 2022  

*Sub wanted ...
Brighton, can travel , 69 year :
Sub Lad wanted any age by strict uncle.
You will be inspected completely naked.
Bathed where I will wash all you boy bits I will make sure there are no stray hairs lurking in those crevices. If you misbehave you will be over my knee for a bare bum spanking. I am not a sadist so there will be a lot of fondling in between
It will then be a trip to bed for a happy ending for both of us. Can't accomodate at this time. Get in touch.

Date: June 23rd 2022  

*Boys for discipline ...
Manchester, can accommodate , 52 year :
I require boys aged 18 to 25 only, who are in need of an older man's discipline across their backsides.
No older than advertised!
No time wasters!
UPDATE:timmyg2001 (part of email address) please don't contact me again. Long-winded fantasy messages from you not welcomed.

Date: June 23rd 2022  

*Shiny Satin Sports Shorts ...
Surrey / London, can travel , 55 year :
Slim, attractive “naughty boy” (55) in snug-fitting, slinky satin sports shorts, seeks a strict, retired Gym Master with a firm hand, a rigid plimsoll and a swishy cane, for all sorts of lovely spanking fun!
Please don’t be shy, all sensible messages will receive a polite response.

Date: June 20th 2022  

*I'm nered good spanking ...
Londres, can travel , 52 year :
I offer myself to receive spanking intense and out of my control but sensible I can also give it
Date: June 19th 2022  

*Seeking Strict Dad who will accept no nonsense from a silly boy ...
North East Fife and surrounding areas, can travel , 54 year :
I am 54. Very experienced submissive. Looking for Strict Dad who will take over. Who will ensure my bottom and thighs are regularly red. Who will insist on me being shaved everywhere. Who will insist I never wear boxers but always boy briefs. Who will humiliate me by supervising my baths and will insist on washing and drying my boy bits. Who will Spank me severely in front of others if needs be. Total regression is what I am seeking. Can you provide. At your place as I can't accommodate.
Date: June 19th 2022  

*Fem Panties or sissy boy bra & panties wearer ...
high Wycombe, can travel , 64 year :
Need somebody to spank me in my knickers or sissy boy undies before my knickers come down/off for further punishment with your choice of implement. Willing to give O or A afterwards if rqd but its not a deal breaker. Humiliating corner time with punished butt on display for as long as sir requires a bonus. Can travel into London or around 30 miles poss more by direct train.
Date: June 19th 2022  

*Naked and Compliant ...
South East, can travel , 75 year :
Ideally, I would like to find an older, dominant, man, possibly in his 80s but certainly no younger than 70. I am looking for someone with a strong sex drive, who gets turned on by spanking a sensuous bottom, among other pursuits. I am not looking for punishment beatings, nor re-enactments of school CP. My hopes are for a warm, sexy, compliant encounter with a man who enjoys man to man fun.
Date: June 18th 2022  

*Seeking Headmaster/Daddy ...
Huddersfield, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
65 Bi Huddersfield, experienced taking spanking and implements seeks mature Headmaster/daddy to apply stern discipline, keen to explore BDSM possibilities , open to ideas. Can accom or travel anywhere in UK. Happy to hear from you. Eamonn
Date: June 18th 2022  

*Looking for a 60+ uncle/mentor to regress me to a teenager ...
Sheffield, can travel , 33 year :
New to the area - 33yr old, fit, masculine lad looking for much older guy to regress me back to a 16/17 yr old! Haven’t been spanked much since covid but in need of a regular red bottom. love dressing up, roleplay, bath times, shaving, corner time, CMNM and being treated like a naughty 16/17 old lad! You need to be 60+, able to accommodate and be confident when it comes to spanking me
Date: June 18th 2022  

*Spanking Daddy Required ...
Derby, can travel , 60 year :
Sissy requires his panties to be removed and given a bare bottom spanking. Will bend over afterwards, if required, to have his bottom used.
Daddy must be able to accommodate (daytimes preferred) and must live in Derby or surrounding areas. Must be discreet and clean and can expect the same in return.

Date: June 16th 2022  

*retired gentleman wanted who can visit me ...
blackpool/lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
is there any retired gentleman over 65 on the fylde coast willing to visit me at my place to administer a sound over the knee spanking, older the better. retired clergy/police/magistrates to the top of the que. CMNM. ant retired gent/oap is very welcome im free 24/7 and my flat is very private, im also very discreet if you are married. i can provide a photo and my mobile number. thankyou stephen.
Date: June 16th 2022  

*Strict Schoolboy Punishment ...
London / Hertfordshire, can travel , 50 year :
Very strict older traditional headmaster needed to give a traditional grey shorts uniform wearing schoolboy a good thrashing with slipper, strap, tawse and especially the cane. Real punishment for real things. Someone who has no tolerance and leniency for non-compliant boys. Must be a good age gap and a proper school set-up.
Date: June 15th 2022  

*Naughty boy needs strict discipline and mentoring from strict sir, housemaster ...
North East Uk Near Darlington, can travel , 58 year :
Mature sir , housemaster or dad ,required to deal with naughty boy in north east. Prefer 70 plus to deal with me. Otk spanking, belt strap etc
Date: June 15th 2022  

*Naughty lads needed for discipline ...
Ireland, can accommodate , 65 year :
Strict teacher seeks naughty pupils for discipline in his study, desk, canes and other items. School uniform boys and girls, have some good outfits for realism. Switch as well Munster area
Date: June 15th 2022  

*Sincere older naughty boy ...
Cotswolds, can travel , 67 year :
Very naughty boy.... old enough to know better, seeks contact with a mature sincere authoritative gentleman. I am a non smoker, fit and active with a shapely resilient bottom. I need to be age regressed, scolded, fondled, slapped and then have my bottom gradually bared for an intimate inspection and sound punishment.
I enjoy roleplay scenarios and would like to build up a trusting rapport and friendship for mutually enjoyable sessions. Utmost discretion and hygiene assured and required.

Date: June 15th 2022  

*Seeking Spanking fun on the Wight ...
Isle of Wight, can travel , 49 year :
Chubby guy seeks spanking fun and more on the IoW. Clean and reassuringly discrete (those living here know only too well how the island works...). Mainly take, but can switch. Older guys preferred, but not set in stone. Your place only. (Can the guy who contacted me a couple of times before check your email address and try again!)
Date: June 15th 2022  

*Retired Engineer. ...
Leicester;, can accommodate and travel , 80 year :
I wish to MEET a disciplinarian or quack doctor/nurse. I am a switch player , if liked and a non-smoker. Located off M1j21, will travel up to one hour.
Date: June 14th 2022  

*Real 6th former caning ...
Banbury, can travel , 16 year :
I attend the 6th form at my local school and i deserve a caning.
A proper 6 strokes on my bare buttocks and really hard using a 6th formers sized cane.
Please help me.

Date: June 14th 2022  

*Strict headmaster needed ...
Central Southern England, can travel , 62 year :
Slim, fit, badly behaved adult schoolboy seeking strict, mature, formal headmaster to lecture me and then put me back on the straight and narrow. Otk, slippering and caning needed. Punished over trousers, tight white pants and on the bare.
Genuine discipline needed. !! All replys will be respectfully answered.
Discretion and cleanliness assured.

Date: June 12th 2022  

*A caning in the Heads Study or perhaps at home! ...
50km radius of Scarborough, N&E Yorks, York, Leeds, can travel , 66 year :
Having not heeded the warnings about his attitude this 66 yo male is now instructed to either report to the Headmasters study or expect a visit from Sir. He has been told that he can expect a traditional (perhaps extended) caning. Sir should be experienced, strict but not sadistic, preferably aged 45+, white, English speaking. Happy to discuss details prior to any visit. Some notice is required to ensure availability. Sensible replies will get sensible answers, please no one-liners.
Date: June 12th 2022  

*Naughty boy seeks loving Master/Daddy ...
North east, can travel , 48 year :
Very submissive straight male seeks loving Master/Daddy for otk spanking and maybe more.
I have a very pert spankable bottom and a nice collection of tight fitting shorts and feminine boy panties or more traditional tight white undies.
Very discreet and trustworthy

Date: June 12th 2022  

*Interested in corresponding ...
UK, can travel , 61 year :
I grew up in a family who believed in strict discipline and obedience.
Household rules on my behaviour and standards always enforced with punishments.
I regularly received corporal punishment both at home and school.
Although I wouldn't have believed it then, I now very much enjoy reminiscing about those times.
I would like to correspond with someone around my age or older, who also was disciplined at home and/or school. And would enjoy exchanging experiences and thoughts.

Date: June 12th 2022  

*Authentic school caning required ...
West Yorkshire, can travel , 62 year :
62 m West Yorkshire requires an authentic caning across trousers and then white underpants just as I received at school.
Not essential, but I have always wanted to try recreate my first caning at school where aged 13 I completely wet my pants in fear sat waiting outside the Headmasters study. If that's not your kind of scene that's no problem.
Willing to travel reasonable distance right appointment.

Date: June 11th 2022  

*Traditional Dad/Son OTK bare bottom spankings for naughty boys ...
Greenhithe/Dartford/Kent, can accommodate , 61 year :
You have had this spanking coming for a long time young man, How many boys deserve to hear those words again or for there first as you stand in front of me embarrassed pants being slid right down everything on show red face a soon red bum to match. Boys 17 to 50s slim to medium build especially boys never spanked on their bare bottom over the knee before when naughty now or in the past when you know you deserved a good bare bottom spanking. Please check your spam/junk box for my reply

Date: June 11th 2022  

*Slim bottoms ...
Milton Keynes, can travel , 61 year :
There seems to be a lack of adverts in this area, hopefully somebody is looking!
I would like to find a slim bottom to spank and use my belt on, it would leave some temporary marks.
Any other activity can be negotiated including any other punishment if required.
Let me know if you may be interested. Pete

Date: June 11th 2022  

*Strict Discipline ...
Wolverhampton, can accommodate and travel , 63 year :
I'm an experienced disciplinarian looking to mentor local, slim/skinny, younger guys.
No nonsense discipline given for real life misdemeanours or just to keep you on the straight and narrow. Domestic and school type punishments given including lines and corner time.

Date: June 11th 2022  

*Mature master required ...
Bromyard, can travel , 54 year :
Mature sir required I am tall and very smooth all over naturally I have served a master before so know how to keep sir happy,
hope to find a gentleman with in an hours drive from Bromyard.
I am well spoken and polite and very keen on my and others hygiene
hope to speak to you soon.

Date: June 11th 2022  

*Chastisement from dad ...
Bradford, can travel , 40 year :
My stepdad believed in chastising me for any transgression.
I would be put over his knee for a good spanking over my white underpants followed by his leather slipper.
If he thought I warranted it I would be bent over the back of the sofa & caned in the bare.
I am looking for an older father figure who will chastise me soundly

Date: June 10th 2022  

*Looking for a red bottom this weekend ...
Leeds, can accommodate , 40 year :
Hi I'm 62 in leeds and like been a naughty boy or girl I can travel or accom I have uniforms etc
No sex no time wasters please
Hand slipper etc

Date: June 9th 2022  

*Inspection, shaving, and light frontal and rear spanking wanted ...
Leeds, can travel , 46 year :
Hi safe and sane straight guy looking for a man to role play with in and around west yorkshire.
I am into role play and require mental stimulation though to enjoy the session. Some Experiance. I would like to text first to discuss the role play. I can’t accommodate but will travel within West Yorkshire. Top age rang above 55 please. It works better for me if you are older. I don’t do school boy of cross dress.

Date: June 9th 2022  

*Fatherly discipline needed ...
Bradford, can travel , 55 year :
In need of some old fashioned fatherly disciple.
I need an older man to chastise me both verbally & physically with me otk or laying on bed with pillows under me.
I want to feel your hand, slipper hairbrush, plimsol, tawse or belt & cane
Can travel usually weekdays

Date: June 8th 2022  

*Lad seeking strict retired Master ...
Cheshire and N west, can travel , 54 year :
Naughty experienced lad needs discipline OTK or caning. Seeking firm experienced Master who must be over 68. the older the better really. No upper age limit. I am 54 years old but young looking slim and in very good shape. Skinny legs. I can dress to suit Sirs needs too and do love to parade in very short grey shorts and grey socks or whatever Sir likes. Willing to be fitted with Sirs bondage collar if that’s your kink. I cannot accommodate but can travel weekdays.
Date: June 7th 2022  

*Moderate punishment required from senior male ...
Huddersfield, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
65yo bi man, seeks regular punishment, willing to give sexual favours in return if desired. Will accept hand, slipper or any implement you deem necessary. Spanker must be experienced in giving discipline and the older the better to reflect authenticity of a bygone era when such activity was common place and acceptable. Photographic or video evidence of activity would be preferred. Willing to explore bdsm/restraint etc.
Will accommodate and happy to travel countrywide for a genuine daddy/sir.

Date: June 7th 2022  

*Seeking Disciplinarian 65+ ...
Northern Ireland, can travel , 40 year :
This miscreant needs to learn a lesson.
Looking for a strict no nonsense disciplinarian who administer good old fashioned punishment with slipper / plimsoll and school cane firmly applied across my shorts underpants and bare bottom.
A sore striped bottom is what I need and deserve.

Date: June 5th 2022  

*Traditional OTK Spankings ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 60 year :
Were you spanked in your teens at home or at school and need to re-live those experiences? Strict mature male disciplinarian here. Can host. Genuine and discreet. Get in touch if genuinely interested.
Date: June 5th 2022  

*Get those hands up ...
Edinburgh, can travel , 64 year :
Looking for a firm headmaster who will correct the error of my ways with an authentic leather tawse. Love to hold my hands up facing a giver and looking into his eyes as he strikes the palms of my hands. Can take a substantial number of strokes if given authentically.
Will also bend over for slipper and cane. Happy to go over the knee for the ultimate humiliation. Can travel a reasonable distance to meet up. For example, Glasgow, Fife, Perth and Dundee. I am of slim athletic build.

Date: June 5th 2022  

*Very mature older schoolboy seeks severe Headmaster for bare bottom canings ...
Lincoln or within 150 miles, can travel , 67 year :
67 year old seeks a mature Headmaster who knows how to lay on cane, birch & tawse, and who enjoys giving formal, "Public School" thrashings across shorts, pyjamas, PE kit or my bare bottom Sir. I have a full school uniform including blazer, shirt, school tie, grey shorts or long grey trousers (your choice Sir), knee or ankle socks as appropriate, and black shoes.
Date: June 5th 2022  

*Submissive for dominant ...
Wales / Anywhere, can travel , 60 year :
Looking to find an older / similar aged man for an unequal relationship involving spanking, humiliation and punishment. Willing to travel for regular meetings, weekends etc. Ideally looking for an ongoing arrangement with a strict dominant man who is interested in giving corporal punishment. Other activities by agreement possible.
Date: June 4th 2022  

*Pants down, bend over, or hold those hands out lad ...
South Yorkshire & Local Surrounds, can travel , 40 year :
Further to my recent ad, a lad contacted me for a good hiding from Darfield , very local to me - I replied several times, but the email bounced back. Could that lad try again with an email that works - I will give you a proper good hiding for your given email bouncing!
Date: June 4th 2022  

*Naughty Old Boy ...
South Coast, can travel , 67 year :
This may be a forlorn hope but would like to meet a strict older Gent for an old fashioned, stood in the corner, pants down OTK discipline spanking. The target area is surprisingly pert for it's year. Sensible replies will be responded to.
Date: June 3rd 2022  

*retired gentleman wanted ...
blackpool/fylde coast, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
is there any older grandad types over 65 in the blackpool area willing to visit me to administer a sound over the knee spanking, older the better. grey hair and glasses a big bonus but not essential. im after a crimson red bottom. im free 24/7 and i can accomadate in private. ive never had one reply off this site, but i am a optimist and im hoping one older guy will reply. plz get in touch for my details, thanks stephen.
Date: June 2nd 2022  

*Discipline maketh man ...
Leeds , can travel , 57 year :
As a teenager I received hard frequent, what were called, 'Character Building Canings'. I am seeking regular similar none role-play thrashings with the cane and / or other instruments.
Date: May 31st 2022  

*Punishment needed ...
Stoke, can travel , 42 year :
I'm a very experienced and compliant sub who requires punishment from an experienced local Sir. I have been punished with hand paddles straps and the cane before. All punishment is taken naked
Date: May 30th 2022  

*Bare bottom presented for thrashing ...
London/Essex, can travel , 45 year :
Hi I am nice looking and fit with a smooth body. I am looking for strict Masters and Sirs who know the importance of delivering a good hard thrashing to a presented bare bottom. I can only travel.
Date: May 30th 2022  

*Looking to be controlled ...
Sussex, can travel , 57 year :
I'm looking for an older dominating type who would like to control me with strict rules and strict discipline. Real life rules and strict reporting. No nonsense approach is needed.
Date: May 30th 2022  

*Caning ...
Newcastle upon Tyne, can travel , 29 year :
Too young to have received the cane at school, but I have always wondered what the experience was like. Looking for someone who can help me experience what it was like to be summoned to the Headmaster's office for the cane.
Date: May 29th 2022  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorks, can accommodate , 79 year :
I can offer many years experience in otk, spanking slippering and strapping with underpants down. I use a variety of canes to give six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also offer a full enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: May 29th 2022  

*Strict uncle ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
Mature naughty boy needs to be taught a lesson in manners that means for me a sore red bottom after a good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spankings on a regular basis if needed that will be up to you when you decide it requires a reminder to respect my superiors
Date: May 28th 2022  

*Slim chap seeking playful grandad type who can host ...
Hampshire, can travel , 56 year :
Looking for an older gent, ideally 70 plus and preferably within 20 miles of Portsmouth who would like to entertain a compliant slim chap with a small round bottom for undressing, OTK spanking and fondling. Nothing extreme, embarrasing tactile play ideal. Willing to be a regular repeat attendee if it works out.
Date: May 27th 2022  

*Real 6th former caning ...
Oxfordshire, can travel , 34 year :
Desperately looking for a very hard bare bum 6th former caning 12 strokes as hard as possible.
Eager to recieve my punishment asap
Please help me learn my lesson

Date: May 26th 2022  

*Guardian or uncle disciplinarian ...
South Hampsire, can accommodate , 54 year :
Take me back yo my childhood when the hand strap and cane where a part of my life. love all contact before during and after
Date: May 26th 2022  

*Experienced spanker and caner ...
London Surrey, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Seeking a regular submissive, up to 60 years old must not be too large, and must have fairly pert bottom, must be submissive and deferential, can accomadate in Reigate or visit, seeking someone who enjoys humiliation as well as punishment reply deferentialy to Sir
Date: May 25th 2022  

*Uncle seeks submissive nephew ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Friendly, caring uncle (tall, slim) seeks regressed nephew. I'd like to have you sit on uncle's knee, after being over it for a good spanking. You must be
-between 30 & 60
-under 6 ft tall
-slim or skinny
-love wearing short trousers
-want to be dressed/undressed, put in uniform.
This is demanding - only reply if you really fit the bill & want to convince me you are the one I should contact. I am serious & reliable: no time-wasters. Can accommodate in E. London, or visit you.

Date: May 25th 2022  

*You wanted to see me sir? ...
London and South east, can travel , 59 year :
Junior schoolboy ,5'7",38" chest, 29" waist looking for strict headmaster, step dad, uncle for hand, plimsoll, cane on grey shorts, trousers, underpants or bare. My name has been called out during morning assembly on 'punishment report' "please sir, sorry sir!". I can only travel" thank you sir"
Date: May 25th 2022  

*Out of practice sub seeks older gent ...
Merseyside, can travel , 58 year :
Sub guy, 58, lots of experience but sadly out of practice. Looking for a clean-shaven older man (75 plus) to gently but firmly re-introduce me to the joys and perils of corporal punishment. Role play a bonus. Willing to travel a fair distance for the right man.
Date: May 24th 2022  

*OTK Bi sub lad ...
West Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
56YO submissive bi guy seeking 18/60yo for a more erotic/sensual red bottom, OTK spanking in sports kit/undies/thongs and bare bottom hand spanking and other various positions that the spanker deems fit. Not into harsh beating. I can travel within reason during the day. I can sometimes accom during the day. Quite fit and slim, 32W 38C very smooth and small tight bottom.
Date: May 24th 2022  

*bad lad sentenced to report for borstal training ...
south/southwest/eastanglia/midlands/anywhere, can travel , 63 year :
sentenced to report to borstal for crimes committed. long weekend if possible. Military/borstal instructors in 60s/70/ age range. Shorts on for pt on rising followed by cold shower. Uniform with khaki shorts on for inspection, cp for idleness and poor work. Can supply own uniform and gym kit, very keen to report Sir, John.
Date: May 23rd 2022  

*Real Thrashings Administered ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 64 year :
Strict and experienced master with own place in North London deals severely with bad lads in need punishment for real offences. Lads wearing close fitting black trousers or jeans especially welcome to take the cane, wooden paddle or tawse. Bare arse if necessary.
I am not into using restraint. Currently I am only free during week day day times. Only contact me if you are serious about meeting up. Reliability is more important than age.

Date: May 23rd 2022  

*School plimsoll slippering both ways ...
Midlands, can accommodate , 70 year :
I'm searching for guys into school slippering with a selection of different plimsolls. I'd like to hear of your experiences of getting the slipper at school and which plimsolls you have encountered and the ones you rate the most effective. Possible meet ups for two way sessions
Date: May 23rd 2022  

*Your presence is required Lad! ...
Newcastle, can accommodate , 40 year :
I have told you once too often now
Report to my office at 5pm
I will deal with you the lad
You know the procedure

Date: May 22nd 2022  

*Looking for Men interested in Offical Male CP ...
London, can travel , 50 year :
Man seeking men with an interest in official corporal punishement as used to be applied in prisons, the military, reformatories, institutions etc. for male offenders. Perhaps intitally exchange information on the topic, with view to future meeting and possibly re-creating punishments. Particularly interested in hearing from men able to administer such offical discipline.
Date: May 22nd 2022  

*Sir2u ...
Southport, can travel , 74 year :
Strict, experienced spanker available to discipline those in need of it. Sane and safe and will respect limits. I can only travel up to 30 miles.
No role play.

Date: May 20th 2022  

*Strict humiliation wanted ...
Brighton East Sussex, can travel , 40 year :
I am a young 69 year old looking for someone who will strip me naked for inspection and bare bottom spanking and exposed in embarrassing positions. Not into extreme pain it's all about the embarrassment red face to match my red bum. Love hugging and kissing CMNM great and love being on mg knees in front of you to thank you. Can only travel to you. Any where 15 mile radius of Brighton. Looking forward to some fun.
Date: May 20th 2022  

*Discreet Spanking Fun Required ...
Burton/East Midlands, can travel , 53 year :
Average build discreet male seeks others into spanking fun. I dont mind spanking or being spanked - can only travel in the Burton and East Mids areas normally daytimes.
Up for otk spanking and open to restraint spanking too.

Date: May 20th 2022  

*Looking for local spankees ...
Wolverhampton, can accommodate and travel , 62 year :
Hi, I'm looking for local spankees between the ages of 19 and 40 ( though this may be negotiable). However you must me slim or skinny.
You need not have any previous experience as I'm very good with first timers and will quickly put you at your ease.
Happy to role play or just a straight forward spanking.
Contact me with your details and maybe we could arrange a meeting soon.

Date: May 20th 2022  

*Newcastle 57 Disciplinarian ...
Tyneside & surrounding, can travel , 57 year :
57 year old old fashioned disciplinarian with 3 decades of experience. Looking for lads to spank and strap. Decent looks and muscular, prefer smooth, clean shaven, slim to medium build lads. Into sports or school short shorts. 18-45, happy to chat and discuss limits, with aim to meet. No time wasters. Can travel only, at present.
Date: May 19th 2022  

*Strict Dad/Stepdad seeks to instill tradition style Discipline ...
Glasgow, Scotland, Cambridgeshire and Northamptons, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Seeking, preferably a regular son/daughter, for continued instruction on behaviour, attitude and obedience. You can expect baring your bottom for regular spanking, strap and cane depending on your behaviour. I can and do accommodate but also travel. I’m an experienced administrator, strict sane and safe. Cleanliness is important as is being honest. No time wasters. Travel to Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire areas
Date: May 18th 2022  

*tawse belt across my bare bottom ...
weybride surrey, can travel , 40 year :
can you accomodate naughty boy late 50.s im seeking strict headmaster /uncle type i will wear stockings and suspenders if you wish 20/30 mile radius of weybridge surrey middx hants etc please leave your your phone number for contact/meeting not keen on emails
Date: May 17th 2022  

*Make my dream come true ...
Walton, can travel, can travel , 62 year :
I dream of reporting to a headmaster with a traditional school cane, being bent over a desk, and caned on my underpants. Then have my pants taken down for the cane across my bare bottom.
I am more into the mental side / submission, so not looking for very severe, but enough to feel it. Other disciplinary implements might be ok.

Date: May 16th 2022  

*Make Me Cry ...
SE London/NW Kent, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
Experienced, clean and discrete sub, looking for Older Gents to provide regular, prolonged spanking sessions, at mine or yours. I have a high pain threshold so need long, drawn out attention by hand, slipper, riding crop etc. Message me if you're interested and I will provide further detail of what I can and will do for you.
Date: May 16th 2022  

*Looking for older sir ...
Cochester, can travel , 44 year :
Looking for a older sir for punishment session. Prefer more of the control aspect of a strict older type and not looking to be thrashed.
I am bi and would happily please sir if required.
Enjoy otk bare bottom spanking and slippering. Happy to start over cam and build upto a meeting.

Date: May 16th 2022  

*Elder seeking helpful correspondence about CP ...
UK and France, can travel , 72 year :
Updates my 12 April ad. I need CP and have received helpful advice here from masters who give CP about what may suit me. Regrettably can't now meet till later 2022. Would presently like to have some helpful correspondence with a gentleman who currently is or has been receiving CP (or hopes to). I understand there are fewer masters than subjects and would if wished be very willing to also give private beneficial CP to similar to myself.
Date: May 16th 2022  

*Seeking Spanking fun on the IoW ...
Isle of Wight, can travel , 49 year :
Chubby guy seeks spanking fun and more on the IoW. Clean and reassuringly discrete (those living here know only too well how the island works...). Mainly take, but can switch. Older guys preferred, but not set in stone. Your place only.
Date: May 15th 2022  

*Seeking contact's in WA4 area for mutual sessions ...
Warrington, can travel , 73 year :
I am seeking persons who Like myself have had an interest in traditional CP since boyhood for mutual sessions from spanking to Birch. I am safe, discrete and sane and will respect limits. All enquiry's replied to. Rob.
Date: May 15th 2022  

*new visiting spanker wanted ...
fylde coast/lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 56 year :
is there any retired gentlemen over 65 on the fylde coast willing to become my new spanker, older the better and grey hair and wrinkles a big bonus. im looking for someone who can visit me on a regular basis to administer a lengthy otk smacked bottom with hand and implements. im free 24/7 and i can accomadate in private. im also very discreet if you are married, thanks stephen.
Date: May 15th 2022  

*Naughty schoolboy seeks firm-handed headmaster ...
London and SE, can accommodate and travel , 41 year :
Genuine, gentle, well-educated and athletic lad (41 going on 12) seeks a firm-handed headmaster type, to chastise and spank me on my bare bottom for my misdemeanours. Availability between 24th and 31st May in London or West Sussex. Am in rather good physical condition, so Sir may be pleased. Willing to do as Sir says while on my knees.
Date: May 15th 2022  

*Seeking Scholastic Discipline ...
Clacton/Colchester Area, can travel , 61 year :
Looking for a housemaster/headmaster who will deal with me very firmly with the slipper and rattan school cane. Applied hard to trousers underpants and bare bottom.
Date: May 12th 2022  

*young houseboy wanted ...
Prestwich lancashire, can accommodate , 73 year :
I require a submissive houseboy to do general housework and cleaning, good over the knee spankings for poor work or may give payment for good work but may apply maintenance spankings with my wooden spoon. this will applied to the bare bottom
Date: May 11th 2022  

*Retired Headmaster or Stern Man of the Cloth Sought ...
W.Sussex A23/M23 Corridor, can accommodate and travel , 52 year :
Would love to meet a broad minded man of the cloth to relive old days as a naughty altar boy spanked and seduced by a priest, or a strict Headmaster who wishes to discuss my errant behaviour. Over 55 please.
Date: May 11th 2022  

*The sting of the plimsoll awaits ...
County Durham, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Are you too young to have expreienced CP at school, or do you long to re-live the order to bend over and touch your toes? I offer authentic teacher/student CP with my collection of hard soled plimsolls that sting like the real thing, as well as OTK with the dreaded bathbrush. No role play or warmups, and preferably across the bare. Switching in the same session is essential. Any age from 18 to 50, may consider older.
Date: May 10th 2022  

*Traditional Dad/Son OTK bare bottom spankings for naughty boys ...
Greenhithe/Bluewater/ Dartford Kent, can accommodate , 61 year :
You have had this spanking coming for a long time young man, How many boys deserve to hear those words again or for there first as you stand in front of me embarrassed pants being slid right down everything on show red face a soon red bum to match. Boys 17 to 50s slim to medium build especially boys never spanked on their bare bottom over the knee before when naughty now or in the past when you know you deserved a good bare bottom spanking but never given one from a strict father figure.

Date: May 10th 2022  

*You are in charge ...
Herts and essex, can travel , 58 year :
Sirs. Seeking a very strict mature man. Looks unimportant. Can you give me the very sore bottom I deserve. You will get your own way and I will do as I am told. Race unimportant. very discreet and genuine. Thanks for looking.
Date: May 9th 2022  

*Male, slim 40's, quiet & friendly, seeks Uncle type ...
East Anglia or further afields, can travel , 44 year :
Male, slim 40's, quiet & friendly, seeks Uncle type to deal with me
OTK, etc. Please send details, can travel

Date: May 8th 2022  

*For Older Spankers ...
South East, can travel , 75 year :
Although now 75, I still enjoy the sensation of being spanked by a sexy older man. You must be about my age or older, and enjoy having a sexy naked man to play with. I am happy to comply with the things you may enjoy and any fantasies you might wish to act out. If a meeting is not possible, perhaps an exchange of sexy emails may add zest to our lives.
Date: May 8th 2022