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*Spanking and Humiliation ...
Stoke on Trent, can travel , 40 year :
I am a very experienced and very submissive sub. I am looking for a strict sir to give me the punishment and humiliation I so need. I have a very spankable bottom and have taken all implements up to and including cane. I have been restrained for punishment. I need strict rules and a sir who demands respect. I am open to creative humiliation and welcome your ideas.
Date: November 28th 2023  

*Traditional Dad/Son OTK bare bottom spankings for naughty boys ...
Greenhithe Kent/Dartford, can accommodate , 63 year :
Boys do you deserve a very embarrassing old fashion dad/son bare bottom hand spanking over my knee, You standing in front of me as i slide my hands into waistband of your undies a slide them right down down your boy bits on full show before i turn you over my knee a soundly spank your bare bum, Boys 17 to 60 slim to medium build only especially you boys never spanked on their bare bottom over the knee before. Real reason real discipline spankings or sensual ones Spankings Not Beatings.

Date: November 28th 2023  

*Headmaster wanted ...
London, South Coast, can accommodate and travel , 28 year :
Seeking headmaster to introduce me to real discipline as it used to be in British Prep and Public Schools. Grew up with no discipline, wish to know what it was really like to visit a Headmaster's study for the cane and what it feels like to be really punished. Please send detailed reply as to how you would deal with me.
Date: November 27th 2023  

*Old master needed ...
Bradford, can travel , 55 year :
I am in need of a mature master 70+ to give me a firm hand
You will put me over your knee for a good hand spanking followed by a good slippering
After my corner time it will be laying in the bed over pillows while you take your belt from your trousers & give me a good leathering after which you will put me back in the corner
Then you will give me some aftercare cuddles & rub my sore bottom better
I am 55 going on 24 in need of a strict but caring daddy
Can travel only

Date: November 27th 2023  

*experienced disciplinarian ...
Derby, can accommodate and travel , 45 year :
experienced disciplinarian, full time professional, full time studio dungeon with headmasters study setting. very accurate, always working within limits and gauging reactions. strictly no timewaster, contact me with name, age, date and time you wish to visit only.
Date: November 27th 2023  

*Another try ...
Inverness, can travel , 70 year :
Still looking for a mature man to fulfil my needs and who's needs I would fulfil.
I am a 70 year old naughty boy who needs a soundly smacked and caned bare bottom. I would be happy to give O or take A if required post thrashing.
Unfortunately I can't accommodate but happy to travel a reasonable distance for the right disciplinarian.

Date: November 26th 2023  

*Daddy For Naughty Boys ...
Northwest/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
Kind, caring Daddy seeks naughty boys who need keeping in line with words of guidance, a firm hand and, when deserved, a soundly spanked bottom until a lesson has been learnt. No sex, but a regular, full-time relationship available if required. I am patient and understanding so tell Daddy all about it.
Date: November 26th 2023  

*Older Sub for Relaxed Spankings ...
South East, can travel , 76 year :
I am hoping to find another elderly guy who enjoys spanking a mature but sexy bottom. Smooth, well rounded, but not fat, cheeks, are looking to find a friendly man who would like to redden them in his own chosen way. Of course I am happy to offer sexual benefits as well. Unfortunately I cannot accommodate but am happy to travel a reasonable distance for the right person. If we click this could become a regular spanking friendship.
Date: November 26th 2023  

*Retired, still has young adult habit, seeks ...
UK, can travel , 70 year :
. . . . contact similar mature gentleman. As a well endowed but unpromiscuous young man I indulged increasingly frequently in a certain habit and found I couldn't give up and problems occurred. Contact magazines like Rendezvous and Sir enabled me to seek private disciplinary help. I received relevant corrective guidance for my persistent habit by visits to understanding masters throughout my 30s and 40s. Would like to discuss this. Perhaps you were the same, or interested in such experience?
Date: November 26th 2023  

*visiting spanker wanted ...
Blackpool, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
is there any retired gentlemen over 65 willing to visit me at my place in blackpool to administer a sound otk spanking with or without roleplay, older the better. im hoping for regular meets but any retired gents visiting blackpool also welcome. grey, hair and glasses a big bonus, but not essential. heres hoping for one genuine reply, thanks stephen.
Date: November 25th 2023  

*Lad looking 4 Mentor ...
West midlands, can travel , 40 year :
Sir's I'm looking for a strict mentor to teach me the ways of the world, i'd like a permanent Master who's willing to provide the discipline I lacked whilst growing up, please note this is not just about spanking it's also about control things like being told what to wear even being taken for a haircut or given a haircut, in return I'd act as your houseboi, I wouldn't mind being put back into shorts or school uniform if you feel it might help.
Date: November 24th 2023  

*Headmaster or naughty boy ...
Bexhill-on-Sea, can accommodate and travel , 69 year :
I lost my virginity to a Scoutmaster way back in 1967. Thoughts of this & of the many punishments I received or saw at boarding school still turn me on. I am looking to meet gentlemen aged 50's to 80's who like to play the adult schoolboy or Authoritarian figure. I do want some form of sexual activity to be included [I am sexually passive]. I am slim, educated, 6 feet tall, balding & clean shaven. Exchange of clothed pictures before meeting essential. I am single & can host or travel.
Date: November 24th 2023  

*55 year old sub looking for Dom, same age or older ...
S.E. London, can travel , 55 year :
Looking for strict Dom 55 or older for spanking, strap and cane sessions with 55yr sub of medium build, 6ft tall and willing to please. Willing to accept A & O if required. Prefer south east London area.
Date: November 23rd 2023  

*Six of the best ...
Bangor, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Headmaster figure in bangor northern Ireland can administer traditional school canings to guys of any age
Date: November 23rd 2023  

*Will anyone take me out + make me ware school uniforms to outside places? ...
Britain, can travel , 24 year :
Searching for strict parents, strict schooltutors, mentors - who are into clothing control and enough control to stop me wearing casual clothes: The more formal, smart, oldfashioned, traditional, the better. So Everything a modern, trendy, sports, fashionable teenager would not choose, or be seen dead in.
Could take me to shops, restaurant, museo, cinema, theatre, daysout.
Got lots of school items but no one to make me+nowhere to go wearing them
Will travel across Britain, Ireland to meet right man.

Date: November 23rd 2023  

*Naughty knickers wearer seeks cp ...
Cambridgeshire suffolk norfolk, can travel , 48 year :
Genuine bi male sub 48 panties etc wearer seeks older headmaster/uncle to spank and punish me as your naughty mature schoolgirl, otk, belt, cane, im not cd/tv, just love the humiliation of dressing as your mature schoolgirl for my discipline,, roleplay will give oral if required, travel only
Date: November 22nd 2023  

*Formal Thrashings For Adult Schoolboys ...
Norfolk, can travel , 71 year :
Slim built former private school head prefect. Very experienced in slippering offenders. Report wearing full uniform. A lecture on your behaviour then you will be punished. A OTK spanking before a formal slippering
with my supple plimsoll on the seat of your school trousers. This is not a soft option to a caning. I slipper really hard, it wil sting like fury and will set your backside on fire. Any insolence and I'll thash your bare backside
Detailed replies please

Date: November 22nd 2023  

*Adult school boys for the slipper ...
West Midlands, can accommodate , 72 year :
72 year old school master searching for adult school boys 55 plus who remember the slipper at school. You're welcome to visit and meet my plimsolls or bring your own if you have a favourite. Report in school uniform or pe kit with traditional school pumps and leave with a burning bottom
Date: November 21st 2023  

*Chastity boy looking for spanking connections! ...
Bristol, can accommodate and travel , 27 year :
Looking for new spanking connections, whether thats casual spanko friend, a chat mate, a stern authority figure, so long as you are interested in spanking a naughty boy then I'd like to know! If you enjoy boys locked up in chastity then even better.
Theres a local dungeon thats not far and not expensive though I'd love to be spanked in a domestic setting as well.
If you have other spanking connections that would like a group meet I'd also love that! Thanks! xx

Date: November 20th 2023  

*Strict disciplinarian ...
Dublin, can accommodate , 63 year :
Were you spanked growing up and need to be disciplined again? Experienced strict disciplinarian here who will take you across my knee, peel down your briefs and give you a traditional spanking.
Date: November 19th 2023  

*Spanked, smothered and splashed ...
Manchester, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
I like to be spanked hard then have my face fully sat on and to finish have my face cum on and then lick your bell-end clean.
Date: November 19th 2023  

*Looking for Mature Headmaster type ...
Wrexham /Chester, can travel , 58 year :
Looking for maure Headmaster type who will administer spanking and caning to my bare bottom. Some sexual contact welcome, very discreet.
Date: November 19th 2023  

*Looking for a spanking in Putney Dec 6 ...
Putney, can travel , 35 year :
Looking for much older guy who can accommodate in Putney area and give me a good spanking
I’m fit, fun, cheeky and love being over the knee or a much older guy
Wide range of spanking interests, CMNM, roleplay, etc

Date: November 18th 2023  

*Plump man needs spanking ...
Essex/london, can accommodate and travel , 60 year :
Plump older man would like to meet a spanker. Preferably mature also. I have experience of otk and implements up to the cane at roughly school level.
Would especially like a couple to spank me and also keen on TVs.
Prefer to travel though I can't travel too. Far from SW Essex.

Date: November 18th 2023  

*Spankee looking for mature spanker. Will switch ...
Blackpool fylde and Preston, can travel , 69 year :
Friendly spankee 69 years looking for similar age spanker. I am happy to switch roles. I love being over the knee and many other positions for a good hand spanking and with other implements. Intimate contact accepted and given. I am looking forward to hearing from people within the geographical area specified. Discretion assured and expected. Photos available.
Date: November 18th 2023  

*Moderate+ spanking wanted ...
Norwich/Sheringham area, can accommodate , 75 year :
I am slim, bearded and desperately seeking someone to spank me. Age/looks unimportant. Would prefer an ongoing casual friendship to a one-off - though frankly I would be grateful even for this. I love wearing girly clothes, but don't need to if not your thing. Up for more if you wish. I can accommodate daytime during the week.
Date: November 18th 2023  

*Seek VERY hard TOP with strong arm. Tayside/Scotland ...
Dundee + travel Scotland. @Yours. See ad, can travel , 52 year :
Long shot perhaps but here goes nowt:
As header says...... passive looking to VISIT a strong armed TOP str8/bi/gay not afraid of long hard heavy sessions. Belt/tawse/cane etc. Dundee, Perth etc & travel. Eve & weekends. Would consider Edin / Glas / Abdn for right guy. *Possibility* of fucking me after it but that optional extra by agreement & condoms mandatory, I won't do bareback. Or poppers. Prefer you clothed during session.... EARN your hole if fucking your bag. Males only... just you & me

Date: November 17th 2023  

*After hours fun and games for adult schoolboys ...
Leicester, can accommodate , 65 year :
Seeking other naughty schoolboys who enjoy giving and taking painful and/or humiliating forfeits. Contact me if you'd like to join us in playing the boardgame Preppies on Saturday 2 December. The more the merrier. School-style punishments and forfeits decided by the throw of the dice (within your limits). School uniform preferred. Happy to answer any questions.
Date: November 17th 2023  

*Hand Spanked on Bare Bottom until I Yell and Beg for Mercy ...
Northern England, can travel , 58 year :
Genuine punishment (not pleasure) for a real offence (not criminal). I have been strapped and caned for the offence but did not yell, so I still need to Atone sufficiently. The only flogging that has ever made me yell and beg was an OTK spanking from a large man with a very large hand The smacks should be full force and very slow to prolong the agony. Minimum 50 smacks, maximum 100, at your discretion. I am 11 stone, 36-inch waist, only 5 ft 7 ins tall. I cannot accommodate but will travel.
Date: November 17th 2023  

*Naughty boy needs a spanking ...
Manchester & surrounding areas, can travel , 55 year :
Naughty slim boy needs his bottom spanked. Prefer OTK or wheelbarrow but open to any suggestions. Slim build, 5ft 8 just under 10st. Very obedient and my bottom is yours to do with whatever you think it needs or deserves.
Date: November 15th 2023  

*Short athletic guy available for spanking ...
London, can travel , 44 year :
Hi there
Hoping to meet older / dominant types who would like to give me a spanking. I am very obedient masculine and in good shape and can't travel to you
I am often in Leeds and Manchester as well as London

Date: November 15th 2023  

*Mature naughty boy looking for CP ...
Yorkshire/ lincs, can travel , 66 year :
Looking for spanking and caning, will consider dressing as you would like me and any other suggestions. Some sexual contact by agreement is fine. Open minded and very discreet.
Date: November 13th 2023  

*No more bored days ...
London, can accommodate , 68 year :
London-Do you have 4 hours a fortnight to spare and is in need of Real Time Spanking Sessions, Using a mix of impliments and part of the session you help to video (No Face). You will be guaranteed to leave with a Rosy Bottom.
Don’t Be Shy ! Example of latest session.

Date: November 12th 2023  

*Naughty boy seeking older ...
Peterborough, can travel , 34 year :
Experienced spankee seeking older guys for
discreet meets.
I really need regular spankings...

Date: November 12th 2023  

*Naked ...
Brighton area, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
70 year old desperate to be stripped naked and humiliated by someone of similar age. Otk for spanking and fondling. Happy to obey your wishes. Love hugging and kissing and exposed in different positions.
Like to be forced to get better o levels. Open to most suggestions.
Can accommodate with a little notice

Date: November 12th 2023  

*seeking Younger Bad Lads 22+ to 60 ...
Paisley Renfrewshire and surrounding areas, can accommodate , 51 year :
Looking for younger Bad Lads for a trip over Dads Knee who will use his Hand, Belt, Slipper & Tawse. Can only accommodate in the Mornings. Can Switch if Required but by no means essential
Date: November 11th 2023  

*Reliable Submissive looking for real Master ...
Surrey/London, can travel , 50 year :
Slim smooth feminine submissive living in surrey. Looking for Older mature gentleman for Obedience training and punishment. I prefer OTK spanking by Hand, Paddle or the Belt but I will take most Implements. During a session I like to be made to feel Embarrassed and Humiliated and made to get on my knees and give Boot Worship. I am Happy to be Tied up and Bondage used during a session. I am obedient and respectful at all times. Happy to try most things and ready to Please and Serve
Date: November 10th 2023  

*Struck headmaster type needed ...
London, can travel , 24 year :
Greetings I’m a 24 year old petite boy.
I’m looking for a strict older headmaster type who believes in trial and humiliation before delivering a formal thrashing with the cane. I know it Will hurt and I-will probably sob. But this is what I need and deserve.
If interested please reply and tell me how you would carry this out.
I will answer all enquirers
Thank You

Date: November 9th 2023  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorkshire, can accommodate , 82 year :
I offer many years experience in otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I use a variety of canes to give six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also offer a full enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: November 8th 2023  

*Naughty shy adult schoolboy ...
Anywere, can travel , 23 year :
Hi l am lan l am a shy naughty schoolboy age 23. Going on ten 5ft8inches tall slim build l am looking for a strict daddy to visit who will treat me like a little boy. With otk barebottom handspankings and slipperings plus cornertime with my red sore barebottom on display. males aged 40 and more please get in touch.
Date: November 7th 2023  

*Naughty shy adult schoolboy ...
Anywere, can travel , 23 year :
Hi l am lan l am a shy naughty schoolboy age 23. Going on ten 5ft8inches tall slim build l am looking for a strict daddy to visit who will treat me like a little boy. With otk barebottom handspankings and slipperings plus cornertime with my red sore barebottom on display. males aged 40 and more please get in touch.
Date: November 7th 2023  

*Bare bottom needs a mature man's hand ...
Any, can accommodate and travel , 40 year :
Mature gentleman preferably ,are you going to really spank my bare bottom. I'm in Desperate need for a mature headmaster/daddy who can administer spankings over your knee/desk both hard and long indeed I'm sure you will agree that we naughty boys need your help to be good boys again or suffer the humiliation of having our bare cheeks stinging throbbing bouncing twin cheeks to a deep crimson.
Date: November 6th 2023  

*Curvy bare bottom needs spanking any mature headmaster /daddy Please help ...
Any, can accommodate and travel , 48 year :
MATURE gentleman preferably a headmaster that can admonish me then pull my shorts and pants down bend me over your knee and administer authentic naughty schoolboy bare bottom spankings no mercy or safe words just spank my bare bottom hard and long with your hand. I want you to thrash my bare bottom with other implements to.
Date: November 6th 2023  

*Report for strict discipline and training by master 70 ...
Leicester, East Midlands, can accommodate , 40 year :
Males 18 to 60, should report for fully restrictive punishment, no safe word, no limits. full deprivation of your senses. also guys who want to relive their schooldays in full uniform, tests, lines, cornertime and punishment with hand, slipper, strap and cane. please apply now.
Date: November 5th 2023  

*55 YO still looking for his Pervy Spanking Uncle ...
crawley A23 corridor, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
I have been spanked by kinky "uncles" all my adult life but this has dried up as I've gotten older. So I am always on the hunt for an Uncle to visit or Headmaster/PE Master to report to. Big fan of sports gear and 1980s soccer kit in the role play. Mutual sexual play welcome.
Gentlemen over 60 please.

Date: November 5th 2023  

*Firm hand needs ...
Liverpool, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
I'm in need of a good spanking and caning on the bare bottom until I cannot sit down get back if interested
Date: November 5th 2023  

*report for training to strict Master ...
South/south west/midlands/East Anglia or anywhere, can travel , 75 year :
Keen, very spirited lad, looks very tanned and very fit in uniform with shorts or pt kit seeks regular short sharp training in monastery. Tough instructors in 60/70s age range, pti/boxing trainer background ideally to supervise task work, exercises and rigorous cp. Wish to report at weekends if possible. Can supply kit if needed, John.
Date: November 5th 2023  

*Strict Stepfather ...
Northwest/Anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
Full-time stepfather/uncle available for anyone who needs guidance and discipline. I am fair but firm, friendly but strict, so any bad behaviour will automatically mean a trip across my knee for a soundly spanked bottom or, for more serious lapses, a painful encounter with the cane. Regular meetings envisaged, when we can discuss any problems and decide what needs to be done.
Date: November 5th 2023  

*another stepdad for my boy ...
other, can accommodate and travel , 22 year :
i have a 22 years old boy wich i punish and spank we need a helping hand to belt and cane him you should be able to fuck him as im not able to do it any more we can host in london and scotland and we can travel all over the uk the boy is very nice white and smooth polite replays only
Date: November 5th 2023  

*Sub available to please gentlemen ...
Leeds/Anywhere, can travel , 34 year :
Hello, I'm a submissive guy who enjoys being controlled and made to please.
I have experience as a houseboy doing chores, serving food and drinks, housework etc
I have some experience with being spanked and caned as well.
Would love to find regular meets with someone I trust.
Please drop me a message

Date: November 4th 2023  

*Straightforward - no games no faffing! - hard to brutal CP required ...
Glasgow / Edinburgh / Perth / Ayr etc, can travel , 54 year :
Simple, no nonsense request:
Want to visit someone where I can strip & spread for them to severely beat the arse off me.
One hour plus.
30 to 90.
Sexuality irrelevant though getting it from straight has huge allure.
Once done will say "thanks" & get out your way.
Write if you want hard bruising man-on-man action & nowt else.
If you want sex, Master Slave, Dad son etc, "dressing", TV/CD, role play I won't waste any more of your time.
Simple no nonsense upfront guy to guy replies please

Date: November 4th 2023  

*Short holiday in Scotland ...
Scotland, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
Hi all.
I'm 6'2", 85kg and will be taking a two week break in Scotland at the end of the month and am interested in meeting with any sane person who would be interested in bending me over and giving me a sore bottom along domestic or school lines.
Shortish notice, I know but I'm planning to hire a cottage and am thinking of either the West Coast or Highlands. If nothing else, it would be nice to simply meet anyone with similar interests.

Date: November 1st 2023  

*Spanking wanted ...
Milton Keynes, can travel , 29 year :
Young lad would like his bottom spanked whilst working in the area. Ideally in the Milton Keynes area and surroundings. Please reply with details about yourself and hopefully we can work something out
Date: November 1st 2023  

*Young looking for older daddy type ...
West Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 29 year :
Young slim, smooth Asian.
I go to gym to stay fit and play tennis.
Looking to be spanked in traditional home style spanking or school style spanking from headmaster. I have had take hand, slippers, belt, strap and cane.
Don’t have anyone in my life at the moment to spank me but it would be good to have a one off or regular friend.

Date: October 30th 2023  

*Very experienced, extremely discreet mature flr couple seek same ...
anywhere, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Sophisticated, educated and very discreet experienced couple (wife dom/husband sub) seek other couples where female is dom or both sub. Prefer formal scenarios. Wife expert and extremely accurate with cane, birch, whip and prison strap. You will be naked when punished. First meeting at your home or neutral location.
Happy to travel. No single men please.

Date: October 30th 2023  

*Seeking like minded people for chat and maybe online domination ...
Kent, can travel , 66 year :
It seems that finding someone who can accomodate in the South-East is difficult. So for now I'd like to chat to like minded people from anywhere. I do also issue punishments via email sometimes to naughty boys who deserve it.
Date: October 29th 2023  

*Experienced Daddy or Headmaster ...
Wolverhampton, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
I'm an experienced Daddy or Headmaster looking to provide much needed discipline in the lives of local, slim/skinny, young deserving lads, CDs, TVs etc etc.
I'm firm but fair and can tailor a session towards your needs so that it's as effective as possible.
Daddy/Sir is waiting for your reply.

Date: October 29th 2023  

*Caning enthusiast ...
North West., can travel , 69 year :
I'm looking for caning enthusiasts who love to give lengthy canings over trousers, shorts and on the bare bottom. Several dozen accurate strokes after warm up of hand spanking and/or paddle and strap.
Date: October 28th 2023  

*corporal punishment ...
worcestershire plus 40 miles, can travel , 70 year :
looking for people in need of corporal punishment by cane or tawse proper good hidings given with you in the nude i do not accomodate and only visit you at your home no hotels wheals will last about 3 weeks on bottom and tops of legs
Date: October 28th 2023  

*Make me feel like a naughty little boy ...
West Midlands, can travel , 40 year :
Being 40 going on 14, nothing makes me feel better than being across daddy’s knee as he regresses me to get what I need and deserve: a bare bottom spanking across his knee for being naughty. I can be a real handful: cheeky, bratty and full of sass. But after a good hard spanking I can be made to be a very sorry little boy indeed
Date: October 28th 2023  

*Traditional Dad/Son OTK bare bottom spankings for naughty boys. ...
Greenhithe/Dartford Kent, can accommodate , 63 year :
Boys do you deserve a very embarrassing old fashion dad/son bare bottom hand spanking over my knee, You standing in front of me as i slide my hands into waistband of your undies a slide them right down down your boy bits on full show before i turn you over my knee a soundly spank your bare bum, Boys 17 to 60 slim to medium build only especially you boys never spanked on their bare bottom over the knee before. Real reason real discipline spankings or sensual ones Spankings Not Beatings.

Date: October 28th 2023  

*Headmaster and father figure strict discipline needed ...
Sheffield, can travel , 69 year :
Recidivist requires firm to severe spankings and canings from a father/headmaster figure.
Over the knee or bent over in the study for a school thrashing.
Looking for a very sore bottom.
Regular whackings welcome.
Cannot accommodate however

Date: October 27th 2023  

*Looking for an older gentleman to thrash my bare bottom ...
London (Richmond/Kew area), can travel , 60 year :
Submissive boy at heart. 6' 159 pounds so tall, slender and smooth. I enjoy the experience of dropping my trousers and baring my ass to take the punishment spanking you decide I need. Enjoy all kinds of assplay but fine with just a good spanking too. A bit shy at first but having a drink together first usually takes care of that.
Date: October 25th 2023  

*retired disciplinarian wanted ...
blackpool/lancs, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
im looking for a genuine retired gentleman over 65 in the north west who can visit me to administer a sound otk spanking hopefully on a regular basis, older the better, no upper age limit. any roleplay etc is optional. im very discreet if you are married and my flat is very private for lengthy sessions. i can switch if needbe. heres hoping for one genuine reply to this advert, thanks stephen.
Date: October 25th 2023  

*Sentenced to 12 Strokes of the Paddle on my Bare Buttocks ...
North West England, can travel , 58 year :
“For the offence of being Drunk and Disorderly, you are hereby sentenced to receive 12 strokes of the Judicial Paddle. You will attend a designated Court Office at an appointed time where the strokes will be “Well Laid On” across your Bare Buttocks by the Court Flogger.” I can provide a suitable wooden paddle but the "Court Office" is your premises. I am 5ft 7” tall, medium build, clean-shaven and fair-skinned. I cannot accommodate but travel throughout NW England.
Date: October 24th 2023  

*Naughty guy needs a good spanking or to give a good spanking ...
Coventry, can accommodate and travel , 51 year :
A 51 year old with a pale arse is need of a spanking. Hand, hair brush, paddle or cane. I'm very versatile and am willing to give punishment as well.
Date: October 24th 2023  

*Traditional school discipline needed ...
Chertsey, can travel , 63 year :
I wish to visit occasionally a Headmaster figure who will instill discipline through corporal punishment when it is needed.
I anticipate that this would involve reporting to his study for a series of punishments, including the school cane across my bare bottom.
I have a very tender bottom but will endeavor to accept my punishment without too much fuss and to Sir's satisfaction.

Date: October 23rd 2023  

*Bad Lad looking for strict Dad ...
Close to Glasgow international Airport, can accommodate and travel , 51 year :
Bad Lad who needs to go over his dad’s knee or forced over end of my bed. Dad will undo my trousers before pulling down my underwear. Humiliation, forced showers /baths and anything to make me see the error of my ways, can accommodate most mornings only
Date: October 22nd 2023  

*Spankings and Thrashings For Rebellious Sixth Former Types ...
Norfolk, can travel , 71 year :
Former slim built private school head prefect. Very experienced in administering traditional discipline to uniformed offenders with my hand, supple plimsoll or your swishy cane. I don't go easy on offenders backsides. Thrashings from me will teach you a lesson and will hurt. Please send detailed replies along with your preferred scenario. Note I cannot host easily! Complete discretion assured
Date: October 22nd 2023  

*Formal Thrashing ...
North East, can travel , 52 year :
This "boy" deserves a painful bare bottomed session in the Prep School Headmaster's Study. Or perhaps a very strict father figure to teach him the error of his ways!
Cane, strap - a sore bottom is always beneficial.

Date: October 22nd 2023  

*Master / Mistress wanted to punish schoolboy found in schoolgirl’s uniform ...
North Oxford, can travel , 65 year :
Looking for Master or Mistress to punish an adult schoolboy caught wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform. I have both gym slip or summer dress uniforms. I’m experienced, and take strap, crop, cane moderate to heavy.
I can’t accommodate but happy to travel. Ideally looking for someone in Oxfordshire or adjoins counties. I’m semi retired & youthful for my age.

Date: October 22nd 2023  

*Seeking to re-live the past ...
Leeds, can travel , 52 year :
Hi, thank you for reading my ad. I am a strong masculine male who is seeking to re-experience the heavy naked canings that I was subjected to in my teens. I cannot accommodate, but will travel within West and South Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.
Date: October 22nd 2023  

*The slipper at school ...
Anywhere, can accommodate , 72 year :
Over the years I've been advertising on this site and met some really interesting people relating to this subject. However I'm now suffering with back problems so can't give or receive as much as I used to. I'd like to chat to former school boys or school masters regarding their experiences of this versatile and interesting implement. Different plimsolls, number of whacks and reasons for giving or getting it
Date: October 21st 2023  

*Dress me as a Schoolgirl ...
West Midlands, can travel , 35 year :
Lad looking for a strict master, I need a master who'll force me to dress as a schoolgirl or in girlish clothes (I'm very small) maybe even take me out dressed, in return I'll be your housegirl maid act.
Date: October 21st 2023  

*Inexperienced ...
Newport, can travel , 52 year :
Slim smooth hairless adult naughty boy would like to correspond and possibly meet with older Sir for sensual over the knee spanking and fondling
Date: October 20th 2023  

*Kilted Cutie! ...
Surrey / London, can travel , 53 year :
Are you a strict, mature Master who appreciates spanking a slim, pretty boy dressed in a kilt? Then please do get in touch, as this experienced, compliant boy would love you to hold him over your knee, lift his tartan pleats and spank, paddle, strap and cane his pert little bottom.
Date: October 20th 2023  

*Inexperienced 60 going on 13 ...
Kent, can travel , 60 year :
Discreet inexperienced guy 60. Keen to contact older who would take a Headmaster/Uncle role. Traditional and polite, enjoys role-playing. If suitably matched, a meeting would be great.
Otk spankings, inspections and embarrassment.

Date: October 19th 2023  

*Dominant man needed to give spankings punishment ...
East Anglia, can accommodate and travel , 61 year :
60 slim sub needs to take the cane cbt etc. Dress as told school boy white pants small gym shorts. Girls panties girls blue gym panties etc.
Punishment as you decide slipper cane paddle. Corner time in just my pants panties.

Date: October 19th 2023  

*Submissive boy looking for Daddy ...
Nottingham, can accommodate and travel , 41 year :
Hi. I'm 5ft9, slim/medium body and very submissive, looking for a Daddy/Sir/Master around 45-70 years old. I love spanking and humiliation. I have a very small, shaved and circumcised penis and love to dress up like a girl. Only genuine replies please.
Date: October 19th 2023  

*Strict stepfather, uncle or teacher needed to keep me in line ...
NW England, can travel , 54 year :
If you fit the above description and are looking for a boy to take charge of, set rules, monitor and discipline as needed then I would love to hear from you.
Tall and 50+ to the front of the queue. More so if you believe a boy should be put and kept in his place at all times.

Date: October 17th 2023  

*Fit 72yo seeks younger ...
Norwich, can accommodate and travel , 73 year :
Experienced Dad/headmaster/mentor/etc seeks naughty boys of all aged efor punishment and discipline. All levels of experience welcome especially novices. Genuine, reliable and discreet.
Date: October 17th 2023  

*My study NOW boy ...
Cambridgeshire, can accommodate , 80 year :
Very experienced headmaster, stepdad, uncle, grandad type will deal with naughty schoolboy lookalike lads aged 18 - 30. You must be slim, under 6' - smooth and ideally petite. Other ethnics very welcome. Will also deal with convincing CD's and trans. I am always happy to chat/mentor especially beginners. Some temporary accommodating problems so be prepared to Email chat just now. Messages from those who do not fit the above spec will be deleted. Sir.
Date: October 17th 2023  

*Caught and spanked in lingerie ...
london, can travel , 44 year :
When I was a boy, the airing cupboard was in my bedroom at home and around puberty I stated to develop a fascination with my mums knickers. After I'd been told to go to bed I would swap my boxers for a pair of lacy knickers from the airing cupboard and wear them to bed.
one day I got caught in the morning by my dad, he pinned me over the bed, arm behind my back and gave me the hiding of a lifetime with a hard hard soled slipper.
I'd love to relive this experience, if anyone is able to help?

Date: October 16th 2023  

*Sub/switch OTK in sports kit ...
West Yorks, can accommodate and travel , 57 year :
Bi guy 57yo 32w 40c quite fit and very smooth small tight bottom. I am on Spanknet, profile, 'OTKYorks' and on Spankthis Hookups profile 'OTKYorks'Looking for humiliation than just pain. Red bottom is good. Will submit for the right guy. I can accom, or travel. Like to wear sports kit/undies/skin tight short shorts. However, Will dress to please. Please send message, will reply to all. Fav is OTK and other positions to suit. Looking to spank younger. will no role play but no Hollywood actor!
Date: October 16th 2023  

*Strict tutor/uncle seeks submissive, regressed type ...
London, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
Experienced tutor/uncle seeks slim, preferably smooth submissive, 20s-50s. Must like wearing/being made to wear short trousers, OTK spankings/fondling. Could become real mentor for the right person. I've found it difficult to get actual meetings from these ads. I will reply, but it's frustrating when email trails just go cold. I'm genuine & discrete - expect the same.
Date: October 16th 2023  

*Sporty Lincoln uni student needs spanking ...
Lincoln (Lincolnshire), can travel , 21 year :
Sporty uni student looking for regular spankings from experienced spankers. I only meet guys who are much older than me and have a genuine interest and experience of disciplining younger guys. Ideally want to hear from spankers in Lincoln but willing to travel an hour or so for the right candidate. Open to most things roleplay, implements etc
Date: October 16th 2023  

*Pert smooth bottom needs spanking ...
London, can travel , 46 year :
I am nice looking and fit and smooth. I am looking for a male over 50 to punish me in the traditional way. Must be strict and no what a deserving bare bottom needs. I travel only.
Date: October 16th 2023  

*Looking for CP ...
Surrey, can travel , 58 year :
Hello, Hoping to find someone who enjoys giving a good spanking.
Hopefully building up to taking several sets of 6 of the best with a variety of implements and the cane.
Happy to dress to please.
Will wear white pants, Lycra or knickers.
Can not accommodate but happy to travel and meet during the day.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Date: October 14th 2023  

*Experienced Dad has position for Son for regular mentoring ...
Glasgow/Edinburgh/Scotland, can accommodate and travel , 68 year :
After a long lecture you’ll hear the words “Room now boy, and undo those trousers..” The door opens, closes and you know it’s time…. Experienced Dad has opening for Son for regular mentoring and discipline. I have a liking for strict Victorian style of raising family…interested? Send full detailed letter, be prepared for interview here and if accepted your future will be different from now on……..I’m waiting boy, undoing my belt!
Date: October 13th 2023  

*Hi all ...
Cardiff, can travel , 62 year :
Male 62 loves spankimg. Can travel only I’m afraid. Give me a shout if your interested
Date: October 13th 2023  

*Spanking ...
ireland, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
67 years wanting adventure before dementure ,I am a bit more than bi curious but still a virgin, wanting to have my limits stretched in mutual naked spanking sessions, can accom or travel
Date: October 12th 2023  

*Primary School Punishments ...
Oxfordshire, can accommodate , 55 year :
Once, when I was at primary school, I was punished in the nude. Although I believe my experience to be unusual, I'm keen to hear from anyone else who received cp in the nude at primary school, or was threatened with it, or saw it happen to someone else. Others who share this interest are also welcome to get in touch.
Date: October 12th 2023  

*Daddy For Boys ...
Cumbria/Northwest, can accommodate and travel , 65 year :
Kind, caring but strict daddy will sit you on his knee, hear all about any bad behaviour then do what needs to be done. Painful though it might be, we all know that the only cure for a naughty boy is a good spanking and a sore botty. No sex, but regular, long-term relationship available if required. Tell daddy.
Date: October 11th 2023  

*Experienced 67yo switch ...
Huddersfield, can accommodate and travel , 67 year :
Genuine switch. Enjoy receiving from seniors only but happy to deliver to any legal age or gender/lifestyle. Can accom after meeting first, happy to travel. Would enjoy exploring bdsm/restraint with experienced men. Happy to use and receive most implements but do love traditional OTK. Regular at Empire cinema and Pennine sauna. Opportunity to film etc welcomed. Eamonn
Date: October 11th 2023  

*Hotel in Solihull ...
Solihull, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
Hi guys I am a 58 year old man, looking for spanking, slippering, and caning fun preferably both ways or just to take. 32 w 40 c nice bum hairy legs and chest.
Im in a hotel room in Solihull area on the night of the 12th December. Genuine guys please.

Date: October 10th 2023  

*Newcastle 58 switch spanking ...
Newcastle and surrounding areas, can accommodate and travel , 58 year :
58 year old (but look yngr). Seek dom men. Prefer sexually active, for extras. I’m 5’’8” decent body, smooth natural boyish slim legs. Clean shvn. Into very short shorts (school and sports shorts). Love leg spnkng, caning and like humiliation. Pics of me in shorts on Fetlife (shortshortsrhot) or spankthishookups (Bumtoasting).
I also spank yngr fit lads. Can travel and accommodate occasionally. No TW’s

Date: October 9th 2023  

*Switch for Traditional OTK ...
Central Scotland, can travel , 60 year :
Single switch guy lifelong spanking fetish.
Sensual and erotic punishment given and received.
On trousers first then pants finally bare.
Nothing serious or too heavy.
Intimacy to be discussed.

Date: October 8th 2023  

*Spanking ...
North West, can accommodate and travel , 55 year :
I am a widower who just enjoys a long hard spanking and a nice mouthful of cum after.
Date: October 8th 2023  

*Friends with benefits ...
Bexhill On Sea, can accommodate and travel , 66 year :
I am in my 60's, slim, 6 feet tall, educated. Ideally I like to be on the receiving end. I can travel up to 100 miles or host. Looking for friends around my age or older. I can be into most things. I was educated at an all boys boarding school where CP was used a lot.
Date: October 8th 2023  

*A spanking break in the sun ...
Costa Blanca, can accommodate and travel , 71 year :
A submissive, passive, spankee, invites spankers to visit him at his discreet apartment just outside Alicante. Flights are cheap and accommodation free. I prefer mature spankers, but would switch if needed.. Have good selection of toys and would dress to please. Main idea is a week or few days of fun. This is a genuine advert unlike most of the complete fantasists on this sight.
Date: October 8th 2023  

*Needs a regular spanking ...
Devon, can travel , 56 year :
I have been reguarly spanked, caned and even birched over the last 10 plus years by a regular Sir who has retired from CP.
Now looking for someone very strict who is at least my age and the older the better. You can beat me on the bare bottom or totally naked as you wish. I'm not very well endowed and that adds to a boyish look. I'm in good shape and very reliable, clean and honest. Can travel upto 150 miles from Plymouth for the right person.

Date: October 7th 2023  

*Traditional CP ...
West Yorkshire, can accommodate , 81 year :
I offer many years experience in otk spanking, slippering and strapping with underpants down. I use a variety of canes to give six of the best over trousers and with trousers and underpants down. I also offer a full enema service suitable for the experienced and novice alike.
Date: October 7th 2023  

*Keen sub looking for a master ...
South east, can travel , 33 year :
33, mid-well built. Looking for a master who can discreetly accommodate a very willing sub.
Very bi curious and looking for a good otk spanking then a thrashing with the belt and possibly the cane.
Looking to have my o and possibly a levels tested after. Your pics get mine.
If you’re looking for a hairless 9 stone guy, I’m not for you.

Date: October 6th 2023  

*Traditional spanking required /given ...
lancashire fylde, can travel , 69 year :
Spanking needed by male of a similar age. Will happily spank you if wanted. Nice spankable bottom leaning more towards the erotic and sensual. Limits respected and absolute discretion assured. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Date: October 5th 2023  

*Seeking a bedroom Spanking ...
North West, can accommodate and travel , 48 year :
I’m a friendly & professional man seeking a Sir or Daddy to answer to.
I find bedroom based erotic discipline to be the best for me, where I can wait in the corner until I’m ready to be spanked. Eventually placing myself over his thighs as he sits up in bed, lifting my bare bottom high for him. Then swivelling around until I’m facing his feet wheelbarrow style with my knees apart… so embarrassing. I’m an exhibitionist at heart and often get spanked on all fours for this trait!

Date: October 4th 2023  

*Couple seek couple ...
Bridgnorth, can accommodate , 63 year :
Mature couple wishing to meet other couples for spanking and CP. Wife is spanker only
Date: October 4th 2023  

*Looking for detention scenarios ...
West Midlands/ anywhere uk, can accommodate and travel , 44 year :
I am a 44 yr old adult schoolboy fron the West Midlands I'm looking to attend a school detention to include punishment, corner time and writing lines on a sore bottom
Date: October 4th 2023  

*smooth bot need a fathers hand ...
scotland, can accommodate and travel , 22 year :
im 22 from scotland looking for a father to spank me and put me in my place not looking for bondage you need to be over 50 and to know how to scold and natural father figure i would consider to thank you would take hand slipper belt snd will try the cane all on my bare with corner time ans inspections please try to describe yourself and what do you prefer in the area of spanking and domestic punishments ray
Date: October 4th 2023  

*Maintenance/Discipline Spankings ...
West Yorkshire, can accommodate and travel , 44 year :
I feel I could benefit from maintenance spankings as well as discipline spankings and humiliation and shaming. I am looking for a strict disciplinarian who will bare my bottom from the start and administer a sound spanking that would result in tears before making me display my spanked bottom. I feel maintenance spankings will help keep me in line as well. Please note that I can only accommodate on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at certain times. If this interests you then feel free to get in touch
Date: October 3rd 2023  

*Senior college boy needs to be disciplined ...
Herts, Midlands or South East, can travel , 40 year :
I am Matthews who will report in a college outfit, navy blazer, white shirt and tie and tight fitting white trousers, no underwear. Only 5ft 5" (1.75m) and slim with very little body hair, a convincing student who has finally been ordered to report to Sir. Slipper, paddle and cane are all available. This 20 year old (60s) has a slim body (67kg) and can take a fair punishment. Will travel all over for a good offer.
Date: October 2nd 2023  

*Boy next door ...
London, can travel , 55 year :
Slim, smooth and small build, 55, submissive quiet type seeks discreet older pensioner type who would enjoy undressing, fondling and spanking this 'boy next door' and who is able to accomodate for occasional fun in and around London.
Date: October 2nd 2023  

*Mature gentleman are you good at spanking ...
Midlands, anywere, can accommodate and travel , 19 year :
I'm a young man athletic figure pert curvy bottom .I've been a very naughty boy and need to be spanked very hard and long can you see yourself able and ready to do so then tell me I'm all yours after hmmmm 9" cum on hurry up full details no one liners genuine
Date: October 2nd 2023  

*spankings with physical restriction ...
Leicester, East Midlands, can accommodate and travel , 70 year :
Guys 18 to 60 given full corporal punishment while fully physically fastened down. no escape, no safe word. I will punish you as I wish, I use cane, strap slipper and other implements. Gag and blindfold used. only guys into strict restriction should apply. no sex given or asked for. Master Peter.
Date: October 2nd 2023  

*A very spankable bottom needing attention ...
Hampshire, can travel , 60 year :
Slim pantie wearing clean discreet gentleman looking for a guy 60 plus thats willing to put me over his knee for my well deserved spanking followed by the dreaded caning. Nothing to harsh. I'm 90,% straight but happy to show my thanks by giving hand relief only, nothing wanted in return.
Date: October 2nd 2023  

*retired gentleman wanted ...
blackpool/lancashire, can accommodate and travel , 50 year :
is there any older spankers over 65 in the north west willing to visit me at my place in blackpool for regular otk spanking sessions, older the better. any retired clergy/police or magistrates a big bonus. i can accomadate in private any daytime and im very discreet if you are married. im hoping for a new spanker for regular sessions, CMNM. phone number available on request and photo, thanks stephen.
Date: October 2nd 2023