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Castigatio's M/M spanking

What is spanking about?

Some men (both young and old) enjoy getting a good beating on their (bare) bottoms. As just a part of a love-making session, or pretending to receive their spanking as a form of punishment. Other men take pleasure in administering spankings to those men who are eager to be on the receiving end.

Role playing

There are many different spanking fantasies. Role-playing is often employed, e.g. headmaster and student, coach and pupil or uncle and (naughty) nephew. Other people, however, find this element of punishment irrelevant or even annoying: they just like to give or receive the beatings as such.

Spankings also occur in many different varieties: so many men, so many preferences. Some people love a 'gentle' approach and prefer the hand as instrument of discipline, whereas others crave for the excruciating pain a rattan cane delivers. Some like to be firmly tied down, others voluntarily raise their bare bottoms to receive their allotted number of painful slashes. Some like to combine spanking with having sex, while others consider these two to be entirely different worlds.

Red bottoms

All these people, however, have one thing in common: they simply adore fiery red bottoms. However, spanking can also be very soft and gentle, especially when the spankee is being comforted for his "suffering".

Although the "giver" seems to be the boss in a spanking-game, in fact it is the "receiver" who decides how severe a beating may be. The giver always has to respect the limits of his partner.