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Castigatio's M/M spanking

Advertising conditions Castigatio website

  • Your ad has to be about spanking (otk, slippering, caning etc.), or spanking should be an important part of it.
  • Your ad should be addressed to males.
  • You are allowed to place one ad per month
  • Your ad can not be longer than 500 characters.
  • Minimum age 16. When using a fantasy age as a spankee, mention your real age as well. For example: 34 going on 15.
  • Your ad should be non-commercial. You're not supposed to ask money for your 'services'. Complaints in this respect can result in the removal of your ad.
  • No telephone numbers because we cannot check if the number really belongs to the person who has submitted the ad.
  • All serious replies should be answered. If you're not interested then send a polite refusal. Complaints can result in the removal of your ad.
  • Don't waste peoples time, if you have an appointment then show up. Complaints can result in the removal of your ad.
  • Your ad must not be offensive.
  • Your ad has to be in English, German, French or Dutch.