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Attention: New way of responding to advertisements

The response to advertisements from this website has changed. From now on you fill in a few fixed details in the reaction form, like email address, province, zip code, age, etc. It is no longer possible to enter any free text.
We made this adjustment due to persistent problems in email sending from our website. The reason for those problems is that many email servers mark the emails from as spam (unwanted advertising), due to the often sexually tinted and explicit texts in the responses. Because those emails are coming from a website and not from a personal email account, the algorithms of email servers see this as an indication that a message is spam. If there are many such messages from that website, then the emails from that website are blocked. This has already happened several times at
We now prevent this with a reaction form, which we send to the advertiser. From then on the contact goes via a "regular" email exchange between advertiser and respondent, no longer through Personal email exchanges are not blocked for this reason.
We understand that it will take some getting used to, but this way it will at least remain possible to advertise and respond. And in case you have suggestions for the reaction form don't hesitate to contact us.

This page was updated on: March 26th 2023